How Tech Platforms are Helping CSR in India

Facilitating 'good' - The need to give CSR efforts the right direction through technology

Bhaskar Enaganti

Startups in India Witness a Seven-fold Rise in 10 years: KPMG Report

India's financial capital is the place to be for budding entrepreneurs, the report notes

Komal Nathani

How Indian Startups Are Grabbing A Larger Slice of Chinese Investments

Some of the big investments in the Indian startup ecosystem are done by Alibaba, Ctrip and Tencent

Nidhi Singh

UAE Female Leaders Put More Trust In Their Companies Than The Global Economy

KPMG reveals that the UAE-based female leaders believe they are equipped with the necessary skills to drive digital transformation in their organizations.

Venture-backed Founders are Overworked, Underpaid and Stressed

They work an average of 64 hours a week, finds a new KPMG Australia report

Pooja Singh

Hacer alianza con startups innovadoras, prioridad estratégica de CEOs globales

Más de la mitad de los dirigentes de empresas globales planean crear programas de aceleración o incubadoras para start-ups y colaborar con empresas innovadoras, como fintech, insurtech y empresas de salud.

Online Gaming in India is Gearing up for A Paradigm Shift

Google-KPMG report revealed that the online gaming industry in India is expected to grow to $1 billion from the current $360 million by 2021

Is India's Education Sector Ready For Disruption?

Edtech startups are making their presence felt in the $100 billion Indian education sector

Ashwin Damera

How to Make Your OTT Platform Stand Out in the Indian Market

Original content primarily enables platforms to create differentiation and drive user engagement and stickiness.

Nidhi Singh

#3 Ways to Get Your Video Content Strategy Right

Video platforms would want to look at embracing the trend and adopt an anytime, anywhere form of content creation ideology.

Nidhi Singh

Why are Quick-service Restaurants Becoming so Popular in India Now

Rising per capita income, urbanization and increased participation of women in the workforce are some of the key factors

Aayush Agrawal

Has the Mobile Gaming Frenzy Caught India Yet? This Entrepreneur Says Yes

"30 million smartphones are sold every quarter and the data costs have reduced drastically"

Nidhi Singh