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Business News

A Restaurant Owes More Than $100K for Hiring a Fake Priest to 'Get the Sins Out' and Force Workers to Fess Up to Workplace Misconduct

The fake priest allegedly asked employees if they had been late for work and stolen money from the restaurant.

Business News

Former Dippin' Dots CEO Arrested While Naked After Allegedly Assaulting Girlfriend

Scott Fischer served as CEO of Dippin' Dots from 2012 until 2022.


How to Protect Your Reputation by Managing Online Reviews

As reputation management professionals, law firms and legal professionals face unique challenges in the online reputation space. Overcoming those challenges requires a unique online approach.

Science & Technology

The Rise of AI: Why Legal Professionals Must Adapt or Risk Being Left Behind

Artificial Intelligence has already taken over many jobs that were previously handled manually. This technology's continuous development challenges more professions and will even disrupt high-skill areas such as the legal industry.

Employee Experience & Recruiting

Exempt vs. Non-Exempt: What Does It Mean and Why Does It Matter?

Not sure whether your employees count as exempt vs. non-exempt? Discover the difference between these employee types in this detailed guide.

Growth Strategies

The Legal Viewpoint: How To Structure Your Startup For Success

Selecting the right structure is vitally important, not only in terms of legal and operational risk, tax obligations, asset protection, legal costs, and your clientele, but also in terms of accommodating future growth.


If You Do Business in Multiple States, You Might Owe More Taxes Than You Think

As your small business expands its sales efforts and reaches more customers across the country, you will encounter a complex series of nexus regulations. These sales tax and use laws vary from state to state. Here's what you need to know to comply.


For Security-Conscious Law Firms, the Cloud Is a Better Option Than Ever

Even top government agencies like the CIA and FBI are using the cloud, so it should be secure enough for your law firm to use it, too.

Business News

New Florida Bill Targets Disney, Could Have Severe Consequences for Local Taxpayers

Florida legislature votes on bill that would revoke Disney's legal arrangement to act as its own government, but dissolving Disney's special district would leave local communities with a big tab and heavy burden.

Thought Leaders

How Corporations Can Fight Human Trafficking

This $150 billion business of misery is only growing larger thanks to instant app communication, but corporations can help fight it: Here's how.

Thought Leaders

An Industry is Booming, But Most Don't Know About It

Forecasts and reports have painted an optimistic picture of this industry's future prospects.

News and Trends

COTPA Amendment To Hit Livelihood Of Women Working In Beedi Industry: Study

A Study on Lack of Alternative Employment for Women Beedi Rollers points how the existing anti-tobacco legislations have already impacted the livelihood of people working in the industry


When to Launch An Illegal Product

Some business ideas are good enough to change the law. But you may never know unless you build it first.