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Google Warns To Shut Its Search Engine In Australia; Gets Flak From PM

Australian government is on the brink of passing a law that would force digital platforms to pay media companies for news content


The 3 Biggest Legal Issues Facing American Entrepreneurs in 2021

How legislation could affect three modern-and extremely successful-industries: content creation, cryptocurrency, social media.

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Government's Debatable Labour Codes

Are the new amendments prescribed in the labor laws sufficient for accomplishing the envisioned objectives?

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Wait and Measure? Analysing the Legal Metrology

The proposed changes in the Legal Metrology Act, 2009 to decriminalize repeated offence as a 'one-size-fits-all' remedy may be fairly improbable

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Immediate And Long-Term Effects Of COVID-19 Pandemic On the Law And Legal Sector

Hiring by law firms has stopped and they are looking for long-term solutions to work from home in a digitally secured environment

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The Disruption Of The Legal Industry In The Aftermath Of the COVID-19 Crisis

The coronavirus pandemic will likely boost the legal industry revolution. It will propel law into the digital age and reshape its landscape. The entire legal ecosystem will be affected- consumers, providers, academia, and the judicial system.


A Basic Guide To Intellectual Property For Every Entrepreneur

These properties are protected by law which keeps other companies and persons from infringing on them

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Digital Wills in times of COVID-19 crisis: Legal or not?

Simply put, electronic wills are those wills that have been written, signed, and/or attested by way of an electronic medium


10 Ways Business Owners Can Take Advantage of the Federal Stimulus Package

Updated info on the various opportunities available for (and obstacles in acquiring) loans, unemployment benefits and more.


New Stimulus Bill Unlocks IRA and 401(k) Dollars for Financially Affected

The $2 trillion relief package provides penalty-free early retirement-account distributions and increases loan limits.


What Small Business Owners Should Know About Wrongful Termination Lawsuits

Award amounts can range from $5,000 to $80,000. Many claims are settled by employers to avoid damage to the company's reputation.


These Are Top Legal Issues Entrepreneurs Should Be Aware of in 2020

Entrepreneurs need to make it a priority to spend a bit of time understanding where they stand from a legal point of view, particularly when it comes to employing others

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'I Never Thought It Could Happen to Me' — How to Avoid Business Fraud

Pyramids, Ponzis and beyond; beware the things we don't think about that can do us in.

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What Makes Zomato's Parental Policies a Revolutionary Step for the Indian Start-up Ecosystem?

If India is on its way to becoming a start-up nation, then the role of start-ups is perhaps way beyond and profound than just providing solutions

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Poland Challenges EU's New Copyright Law Over Censorship Fears

It says the content filtering requirement is a step backward.