The Changing Landscape of Lending

According to the recently released FACE report, fintech lending volume doubles in FY 21-22

S Shanthi

Scaling by Staying Banking & Accounting Focussed

Achuthan looks to increase head count, on-boarding more SMEs and tap newer markets

Deepa Vaidya

Blockchain To Revolutionize the Lending Space In the Fintech Industry

With increasing focus on the payments segment and closely followed by securities and trade finance, blockchain will focus on evolving complexity and delivery timeframe

Anil Sinha

SME Lending: How To Stand Out In the Crowd?

HSBC has based its MSME lending across three broad pillars i.e. SME, Service and Banking

Anirban Roy

4 Reasons Small Businesses Need Nonbank Lenders More Than Ever

Nonbank lenders tend to be more entrepreneurial and innovative.

Chris Hurn

This Social Non-Profit Works With the Wounded War Veterans

ClearPath Lending, which donates to the Wounded Warrior Project, understands that businesses should exist, not just for pure profit, but for creating an impact in people's lives

Henrietta Holtz

With Low Delinquency Rate, This Startup Provides Quick Loans To Working Professionals

EarlySalary recently raised $10 million in Series C round from Chiratae Ventures and Eight Roads Ventures

Debarghya Sil

How Covid-19 Is Reshaping Lending For SMEs

The eligibility filter has to go beyond the barriers of traditional lending decision-making which has already created a credit gap of over $400 billion in the SME category

Deena Jacob

The $50 Shoe: Here's Why Poor Pays More Compared To Rich

We are in the midst of a humanitarian crisis, and the states need to provide for their citizens. The issue lies with how this borrowing gets used

Role Of Data Analytics In the Lending Sector

Sanctioning a loan depends on two things-the customer's ability and intent to pay. Getting these two things right separates the successful lenders from failures

Granting Of Priority Sector Lending Status Key To Setting Up a Robust Startup Ecosystem In India

By bringing startups within the ambit of banking finance, the central bank has helped several fledgeling startups in the country gain access to institutional credit and created an enabling environment for the raising of easy working capital

Revamping the Loan Recollection Exercise With Technology To Drive Recovery Strategy

As the expiry of this moratorium comes closer, banks and NBFCs have a new challenge, i.e., the biggest loan recollection exercise in their history, in a time of economic slowdown