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This Social Non-Profit Works With the Wounded War Veterans ClearPath Lending, which donates to the Wounded Warrior Project, understands that businesses should exist, not just for pure profit, but for creating an impact in people's lives

By Henrietta Holtz

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ClearPath Lending

Ever since the first colonial militias formed, the people of our armed forces have vowed to protect and serve our country. This league of men and women have stood strong amid conflict and have sacrificed to give Americans a life of freedom and safety. In the process of ensuring for our freedom, many have paid a huge price: battle scars, disabilities, mental health problems or even their life.

The post-service status quo

According to the National Council for Behavioral Health, 30 per cent of service members that have been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan have either Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or major depression. Of those 30 per cent, only half receive the behavioral health care that they need.

Another issue that veterans face is their re-integration into civilian life after many years of military service. Many veterans have difficulties looking for meaningful employment after military life, adequate care due to service-connected disabilities, and finding their identity apart from the armed forces.

Upholding charity and compassion

ClearPath Lending, a nationwide mortgage lender based in Irvine, California, reserves the most profound respect for military veterans. The company recently partnered with the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP), a non-profit organization aimed to help post-9/11 veterans and active-duty members of the armed forces suffering from mental, emotional, or physical health problems related to their service. Through their partnership, ClearPath has been able to set-up a monthly financial donation to the WWP to help our veterans.

Giving back To US veterans

With core values such as charity and compassion, ClearPath Lending elaborated on why they have chosen to give back to WWP. The company hopes to inspire other businesses to help veterans and their families.

Answering an unmet need

As seen repeatedly through national statistics, many US military veterans cannot receive the mental, physical and emotional health care they need to live a functional and fulfilling life. The wounds that many of our veterans have are not visible and they suffer in silence with feelings such as a loss of hope, an identity crisis, and the desire not to be a "burden' to others.

By recognizing these struggles, ClearPath Lending believes that they are answering an unmet need by giving resources to non-profits such as the Wounded Warrior Project that directly meet these needs. Veterans can come freely and reach out regarding WWP's help in terms of mental health problems, physical wellness, community support and benefits information.

Preserving dignity

The dignity of a veteran is associated with how well he or she has adjusted to civilian life. Military service members must get support in these three key areas:

Meaningful employment: Younger discharged service members typically seek employment as a civilian. However, it can be challenging to find a good employer that understands the value a veteran brings.

Supportive communities: Mental and physical health issues can make veterans feel isolated. A supportive community that understands these struggles is essential for any veteran.

Benefits post-service: Many former service members require benefits such as financial assistance, insurance, and other pools of resources to adjust well in civilian life. These benefits may often require assistance to obtain fully.

WWP provides help in all these areas and many more. Through corporate partners, such as ClearPath Lending, they can get the funding they need to continue these programs for our veterans.

An attitude of gratitude

A life of freedom is something we should all be thankful for as Americans. Liberty is something we have maintained over many years with the blood, sweat, and tears of our military people holding the line so we can keep this freedom.

ClearPath Lending hopes to send a message of gratitude to all veterans and service members who sacrificed for the United States. Gratitude can always be expressed in many ways, and giving back is one thing individuals and companies can do to make a difference. Here are three ways that companies can cultivate an attitude of gratitude:

Partnerships with charities for people who have served: Charities for veterans and former military personnel are often fully funded solely through the support of individuals and businesses.

Letting employees know that their work is supporting a charity: Cultivating a company mindset of outward awareness can change an employee's view from that of myopia to a holistic view. The focus becomes the value a company is trying to give, not the money they are trying to make.

Starting a charity program: Businesses can also start their own charity programs for a cause that directly aligns with its core values. This can be accomplished through donation drives, scholarships, annual giving events, and many other avenues.

A love country

There are many ways an American can show love for our country. Patriotism, in its essence, is offering support to the pillars of our society. The U.S. veterans are no exception. Veterans have safeguarded the foundations of what makes our country prosperous and free.

Organizations can also show a love for the country by giving support towards the pillars that built us. When businesses are free to operate, make a profit, and partake in the economy, we can be reminded of these liberties that allow us to succeed without inhibitions.

Maintaining a valuable vision

As a company, it is important to preserve a vision that fuels your mission. ClearPath Lending understands that businesses should exist, not just for pure profit, but for creating an impact in people's lives.

Aside from providing job opportunities, companies can stay empowered when they keep a valuable vision. An organization's true fulfillment is found when they are built, not just to sustain their needs, but to nurture the needs of others as well. ClearPath Lending started on the "self-actualization" when they discovered that their help could extend beyond clients. Giving back to the Wounded Warrior Project empowers employees, clients, and all key stakeholders to know that their work is also fulfilling a significant need for our veterans.

Aiding a Veteran, aiding the nation

As businesses reflect on their core values, ClearPath Lending hopes that more companies will consider donating to WWP and other organizations built for helping those who have served in our armed forces. As one aids a veteran, they are helping the nation in a meaningful way.

Henrietta Holtz

Entrepreneur and Trader

Henrietta Holtz is a young tech entrepreneur and guest speaker, who is involved in bitcoin technology and blockchain development since 2014. She has a following of over 80,000 people on Twitter and mentored over 200 companies and exchanges over the last decade through her initiative Kreox
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