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Growth Strategies

6 of the Most Profitable Small Businesses in South Africa

Zero to 100 million in only a few years: We take a look at South Africa's start-ups that have grown from fledglings to million rand businesses.

9 Business Lessons From Danny K

Danny K may be working on his next album, but he's also planning to dominate the business landscape. Here's how he's mixing music lessons with business acumen.
Growth Strategies

How Brand Cartel's Founders Survived Their Start-up Years to Master Exponential Growth

Marco Ferreira, Renate Albrecht and Dillon Warren launched Brand Cartel because they wanted to go to work each day with people they liked and trusted in a workspace that mirrored their values. It's taken five years, but they've built a through-the-line agency that delivers exactly what they wanted - and has grown exponentially as a result.
Lessons Learnt

Hard-won Startup Lessons From 7 of SA's Top Entrepreneurs

Launching a business is tough, but with perseverance, a willingness to learn from mistakes and a focus on the future, you can turn your dream into a reality. Seven top South Africa entrepreneurs share their hard-won start-up lessons.
Continuous Learning

Why You Must Learn To Grow With Your Business

If you can keep learning along each step of the start-up journey, you'll continue to grow, and your business will be a success, says entrepreneur and author, Matshona Dhliwayo.
Lessons Learnt

5 Ways To Fast Track Your Startup Success With This Expert Advice

Launching a business is tough, particularly when you don't know what you don't know. One of the quickest ways to fast-track your own success is to learn from others - what they wish they'd done differently, what they know now that they didn't know then, and what the secret sauce is to start-up success.

All the VC Terms You Need To Understand If You Want To Secure Funding

Darlene Menzies has made it her business to understand the funding landscape in South Africa. But six years ago she was on the other side of the table, pitching her start-up to a room full of investors. Here's what she knows now, that she wishes she'd known then.
Women Entrepreneurs

How Noli Mini Launched Her Unique Spa Business

While Relax Spas is all about rest and relaxation, the business itself is the product of hard work. Founder Noli Mini explains how she got her unique business idea off the ground.
Growth Strategies

How Pepe Marais and Gareth Leck Built, Sold and Bought Back South Africa's Largest Independent Agency, Joe Public

Pepe Marais and Gareth Leck sold Joe Public because they were young and excited. It would take them eight years to buy their business back. Today they're South Africa's largest independent agency, with a turnover of R700 million, and gross profits in excess of R200 million.
Lessons Learnt

Wes Boshoff's 7 Lessons In Reaching Your Business's Full Potential

As a start-up, does your vision push the boundaries? Are you putting everything you have into achieving something great? Here are seven lessons to help you (and your business) reach full potential.
Starting a Business

Vimala Ariyan's 5 Lessons in Startup Growth

Starting a business takes guts, focus and determination - and a lot of hard work. But get the basics right, and you can create something that makes a real difference in society.
Lessons Learnt

9 Lessons I Learnt Launching My Startup Straight Out Of University

The idea of owning your own business is scary, exciting and filled with promise. The reality is hard work, often messy and filled with late nights and anxiety. Here are nine lessons I learnt launching my start-up straight out of university.
Lessons Learnt

How Seelan Sundoo Turned a Bad Partnership Into Success

Seelan Sundoo learnt the hard way how a bad partnership can kill a business. Today he's taking a different approach.
Lessons Learnt

The Best Advice I Ever Got

When Siya Mapoko's first business was failing, he was desperate for advice. He turned to the JSE's top business titans to discover the secrets to success. What he learnt not only changed his business, but also influenced countless other SMEs over the years.
Lessons Learnt

Decrease Risk And Increase Options

This is your primary job as an entrepreneur who wants to build a sustainable and successful start-up.