Starting a Business

Become a Product Licensing Machine Using These 8 Strategies

Learn the reason why most product ideas get licensed and how to take advantage of it.

Growth Strategies

How Indian Companies Can Unlock Value of Their Patents: Licensing Vs. Selling

Before diving headfirst into monetizing your assets with this knowledge, one must first evaluate the options and then decide whether to choose licensing or selling their patents

Growth Strategies

What You Need To Know To Start A Business In Sharjah

Sharjah Business Women Council shares a checklist for aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners to follow for a strong and smooth flight into the vast, lucrative horizons of business

Thought Leaders

Inventors, Here's How to License Your Idea and Make Money

Your honest, no b.s. guide to profitable inventing.

News and Trends

Virtuzone And KIKLABB Facilitate New Service That Will Allow You To Register For A Dubai Trade License Using WhatsApp

The new service provides customers with a detailed step-by-step licencing process, including quick to fill and user-friendly forms that are designed to be used on smartphones.

News and Trends

WeWork and Virtuzone Team Up To Offer Creative Work Spaces And Company Licenses In Dubai

New businesses can now launch in the Dubai World Trade Centre Free Zone with the help of WeWork and Virtuzone.

Starting a Business

Licensing vs. Franchising: Which Path Is Right for You?

Here are three factors to help you determine how best to expand your business through franchising or licensing.

Growth Strategies

How Can Brand Licensee Business in India Witness Robust Growth?

Brand licensees, who don't endorse the 'Make in India initiative', should have a good supplier from where they could import the product by prioritizing the product quality

Growth Strategies

Exploring the Scope of Entertainment Licensing in India

Global interest around Indian IPs has grown massively over the years


Why You Don't Need to 'Reinvent the Wheel' to be an Entrepreneur

Avoid the hubris of over-stretching yourself when you start out. You will thank me for it.


In the Age of Sensory Overload, How Can Brands Define Their Identity?

It is important, more than ever, for brands to look beyond the vanilla branding tactics and focus on brand ideals and genuineness with customers

Growth Strategies

How does Licensing differ from Brand Extension & Franchising?

These 3 are as different as day and night

Growth Strategies

Why Does India Presents An Opportunity to Global Licenses?

Western brands cracking the code of India's licensing model

Growth Strategies

Exploring the Scope of Indian Licensing Space in Coming Years

Is India leveraging the power of brand licensing properly?

Growth Strategies

Entering the Licensing Business? Keep These Key Factors in Mind, Always!

Brand licensing brings along multiple responsibilities for both the licensee & licensor