Life Lessons



Avoid These 3 Tempting Habits For Remote Work Productivity

Working from home can be great if you don't sabotage your working hours with these three big mistakes.

Growth Strategies

Why Entrepreneurship Is Earned (And Not Deserved)

Many among us have deluded ourselves into thinking that we can do absolutely nothing and expect to get the cookies and cream. But entrepreneurship doesn't work that way- and, in fact, most of life itself doesn't work that way.

Thought Leaders

5 Lessons You Can Learn From Hitting Rock Bottom

Bouncing back is never easy. But glean these five lessons from an entrepreneur who hit rock bottom and bounced back.

Thought Leaders

8 Important Lessons From Leading Entrepreneurs

The secret to success in entrepreneurship is discipline.

Health & Wellness

5 Signs You Suffer from Imposter Syndrome (and How to Overcome It)

Everybody feels inadequate on occasion. Understanding imposter syndrome and how to overcome it may be the key to your success.

Thought Leaders

This Is the Well-Kept Secret to Writing Compelling Original Content

There are meaningful and useful subjects that your competitors will never be able to write about: your thoughts, reflections and ideas, so share them for maximum copy impact.

Money & Finance

5 Lessons Learned From Buying the Wrong Car

From the burden of needless debt to the 'shiny new thing' fallacy, why a misstep in auto purchasing can be a multi-dimensional life lesson.


5 Things Successful People Have in Common

I have interacted with hundreds of extremely successful individuals who are making a big impact.


The View From Your Windshield Represents Life Itself

There's a reason why your windshield is larger than your rearview mirror.


Embrace the Unknown to Transform Your Life

Six lessons I've learned about embracing change along the way.

Thought Leaders

How Growing Up in a Communist Country Made Me the Leader I Am

Formative years in 1970s Poland impacted every aspect of my life, and taught me lifelong lessons that continue to enrich and empower.


4 Things I Learned from Viktor Frankl's 'Man's Search for Meaning'

How this astonishing book detailing the author's experiences in Nazi concentration camps taught me the importance of finding purpose in everything you do, among other life lessons.

Growing a Business

4 Lessons Businesses Should Have Learned From the Pandemic

The pandemic has opened our eyes to the many wonders of digital communication, as well as its limits.


It Ain't Over Till It's Over: This Is Not Your Rock Bottom Moment

No matter how devastating it feels like in the moment, and regardless of all the odds that seem to be stacked against you, none of it signifies that it's curtains for whatever you set out to do.


Marketable Skills You Learned From Your Personal Story

Our life experiences produce transferrable skills we can use in any business scenario.