Logistics Operations

Top Supply Chain And Logistics Technology Trends In 2021

The role of technology in the logistics and supply chain industry has evolved drastically over the years and is pivotal to its growth

Saahil Goel

Logistics Is Likely To Embrace Digitization As an Effect Of COVID-19

Fundamentals of the business are made up of people, technology and available processes

Jyoti Valecha

The Key Role of the Logistics Sector in Reshaping the Economy in 2020

While adhering to safety norms, the logistics industry is also catering to customer demands, making it one of the most important industries during the COVID-19 crisis

Saahil Goel

How Innovative Technologies Can Redefine the Logistics Industry Post-COVID-19

Even as the lockdowns ease up now, much of the supply chains remain disrupted as organizations are still in a reactive stage trying to recover first

Covid 19: Effect of the Pandemic on Logistics and Supply Chain

The concerns are delayed deliveries, delay in procuring goods, unexpected transit halts and shortage of manpower

Android Devices Are Powering the Logistics Revolution In India

A connected Android cloud drives visibility from warehouse to last-mile delivery

Shiv Sundar

Impact Of COVID-19 On Global Supply Chains and Opportunities In the Post-COVID World

While there are people drawing comparisons with the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918, there are several key differences from a global trade and supply chain perspective

COVID-19: 4 Factors Affecting the Indian Food Supply Chain

While the online food and grocery stores are stepping up their operations to supply essentials to the masses, the overall food supply chain is battling a number of challenges to stay functional

How Customized Warehousing and Logistics is Adding Value to Modern Manufacturing

With advanced tech innovation, the logistics and manufacturing sectors have moved beyond the rudimentary transportation of trade goods in the supply chain

Aditya Vazirani

7 Steps To Starting A Transport And Logistics Business

Logistics is a big game both locally and internationally, because everything we use daily has been shipped and delivered across various destinations before it's sold and put to use. This is where you can cash in.

Diana Albertyn

A Step Forward For the Meat and Poultry Sector in India

Farm automation, abattoirs, logistics, processing and point of sale cold storage infrastructure have all served as a substantial growth opportunity for this sector in India

Lisa Suwal

This Teenpreneur Aims to Build a INR 100-cr Enterprise by 2020

The geography of the financial capital of the country is such that same-day delivery is hardly an option in Mumbai. Meet the 13-year-old boy from Mumbai who worked with the dabbawalas to end the city' logistics woes

Vanita D'souza