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Now Is the Best Time to Consider Offshoring At Least 1 Job at Your Company — Here's Why.

More than ever, we live in a global work-from-home economy. Offshoring can help you reap the benefits of that by cutting costs, enhancing unit economics and improving productivity.

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Want to Expand Your Market Overseas? Here's Everything You Need to Know About Global Logistics in 2024

With rising geopolitical tensions and changing market conditions it can be hard for businesses to navigate supply chain logistics even in a post-pandemic world. Here are three tips from the CEO of an international customs brokerage.

Operations & Logistics

Working With a Third-Party Logistics Provider? Here Are 3 Key Steps to Ensure a Seamless and Successful Partnership.

Effective communication, strategic partnerships and technology adoption are vital for successful collaborations between brands and their 3PLs.

Operations & Logistics

On-Demand Courier Services: The Next Big Thing in Logistics?

On-demand courier services and last-mile delivery saw tremendous growth in the last few years.

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3 Ways Consumers are Driving Change in Retail Logistics for 2023

Here's how retailers can embrace consumer cues on sustainability, transparency and customer service in 2023 and beyond.

Science & Technology

How Telematics Will Improve the Efficiency of Transportation and Logistics in the Coming Years

Telematics is here to stay. Here's how it will continue to benefit the logistics industry in the future.

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Growth In Industrial And Warehousing Sector: Transforming India's Economy

Infrastructure has always been a key enabler to transform the economic situation of countries across the globe

Operations & Logistics

How Compliance is Disrupting the Global Supply Chain and What Importers Must Do to Overcome It

The fragility of the global supply chain has been exposed: The one most critical step causing further damage to an already weakened industry? Compliance. Here's what importers must do to regain confidence.

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Amazon Inventory Management: Solutions to Common Problems

You need to ensure a robust supply chain, but it's also essential to identify and manage issues unique to the platform.

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Free Webinar | May 19: How to Optimize Operations When Scaling Nationally

Learn everything you need to know about keeping operational costs low to maximize your budget while implementing a fulfillment strategy that exceeds your customers expectations and keeps them coming back for more.

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Top Supply Chain And Logistics Technology Trends In 2021

The role of technology in the logistics and supply chain industry has evolved drastically over the years and is pivotal to its growth

News and Trends

The Key Role of the Logistics Sector in Reshaping the Economy in 2020

While adhering to safety norms, the logistics industry is also catering to customer demands, making it one of the most important industries during the COVID-19 crisis


Android Devices Are Powering the Logistics Revolution In India

A connected Android cloud drives visibility from warehouse to last-mile delivery

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Impact Of COVID-19 On Global Supply Chains and Opportunities In the Post-COVID World

While there are people drawing comparisons with the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918, there are several key differences from a global trade and supply chain perspective

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COVID-19: 4 Factors Affecting the Indian Food Supply Chain

While the online food and grocery stores are stepping up their operations to supply essentials to the masses, the overall food supply chain is battling a number of challenges to stay functional