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Lululemon stock is about to hit the rally button

For those of us on the sidelines, watch for shares to continue consolidating with a strong potential for a catch-up play to develop in the coming weeks.

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The Founder of Lululemon Is Spending $100 Million to Try to Beat the Super Rare Disease That's Destroying His Muscles

Wilson was given the diagnosis of facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy, or FSHD, in 1987 when he was 32 years old.

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Lululemon Employees Say They Were Fired for Trying to Stop Shoplifters, Company CEO Stands By Decision

Two Georgia women say Lululemon fired them without severance for trying to get thieves out of the store.

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Lululemon Stock Surges After Strong Q1 Earnings Report, With Massive Earnings Overseas

The athleisure brand reported net revenue growth of 24% in the first quarter of 2023.

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Lululemon Slammed With Backlash Over Its 'Extremely Harmful' Contributions to Climate Change

The athletic wear retailer has been hit with an open letter from over 1,500 yoga teachers calling for a change in the company's energy practices.

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Trading Volume is Picking Up On These 3 Buys

When a high volume name is also well liked by sell-side research analysts, it can signal to the market that an underlying catalyst is taking shape. Here's why the volume...


Lululemon llega a Peloton con una demanda por sus diseños de 'imitación'

Una vez comprometidas en una relación de marca compartida "amistosa", las marcas deportivas se encuentran ahora en una acalorada batalla legal.

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Lululemon Hits Peloton With a Lawsuit for Its 'Knockoff' Designs

Once engaged in an 'amicable' co-branding relationship, the athletic brands are now in a heated legal battle.

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Don't Miss Out On The Lululemon Sale Happening Now

Give your wardrobe some love this week.


Lululemon Is Changing the Office Attire Game With Its Dress Trousers

Finally, dress pants that are wrinkle-proof, machine-washable, and comfortable enough to wear to bed.

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The Founder of Lululemon Breaks Down His Rule of 3

Chip Wilson discusses how he was inspired to build the athletic apparel company.

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Lululemon Disappoints Wall Street, But Shows Signs of Recovery

A tumultuous two years gives ways to signs new products, strategy are working for the yoga-clothes icon.

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'Anti-Ball Crushing' Pants Are Putting Lululemon on the Menswear Map

The wildly popular item 'gives you and the family jewels room to breathe,' Lululemon says.


From Apple to SoulCycle: Here's How Cult Brands Breed Loyalty and Fanaticism

Panelists at Social Media Week in New York City discussed how aspiring brands can achieve cult status.

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Lululemon Founder Chip Wilson: 'Now Is the Right Time to Step Away'

The controversial leader resigned from the company's board today, after having stepped down as chairman in 2013.