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Lyft Is Introducing a New Feature to Make Women Feel Safer Riding In and Driving Its Cars

The feature matches riders and drivers based on gender preferences.

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Uber Is Expanding an Initiative That Will Save Riders Money — Here's Where It's Coming Next

The program, which paused in 2020, re-launched last summer.

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Gig Workers Advocate For More Safety Following Attacks on Drivers

While apps like Uber and Doordash require a myriad of personal information from their workers to ensure the safety of customers, drivers have limited knowledge of the customer.

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Uber, Lyft Drivers Are Getting Kicked Off Their Driver Apps Spontaneously

A study found that the issue impacts drivers of color more than others.

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Lyft Is Now Charging Fees If You're Late For Your Pickup

The company's policy comes nearly seven years after rival Uber implemented the same policy.

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As Tech Stocks Plunge, Uber Banks on a New Strategy — One in Direct Opposition to Lyft's

Uber's main competitor is taking a different approach because it faces a slightly different challenge.


A medida que se desploman las acciones tecnológicas, Uber apuesta por una nueva estrategia: una en oposición directa a la de Lyft

El principal competidor de Uber está adoptando un enfoque diferente porque enfrenta un desafío ligeramente diferente.

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Lyft Follows Uber as Both Announce New Surcharges, Fees Due to Gas Price Hikes

Both rideshare companies announced new surcharges due to increased prices on gas.

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'This Is About Respect': NYC to Raise Minimum Pay for Uber and Lyft Drivers, But Pushback Is Expected

The rideshare companies say state regulations will make services more expensive for customers and limit competition.

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How Uber and Lyft Get Drivers on the Road on Busy Nights Like New Year's

Because they can't assign shifts to workers, ride-hailing companies use a variety of incentives to lure out their contract workers.


From Lyft's Pink Light to Wendy's Sassy Tweets, Strong Brands Stand Out. Make Sure Yours Does Too.

If your branding comes off as boring or follows the same patterns, coloring and messaging as your competitors, you probably won't get the results you want to see.

Starting a Business

7 Realistic Ways to Make Money Online

From leveraging the app economy to blogging, the Internet offers a variety of opportunities for raking in money.

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Uber, Lyft Ride Prices Up 40% on Driver Shortage

Ride-hailing companies are struggling to meet demand.

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Uber Agrees to Union For U.K. Drivers

In a landmark deal, the ride-hailing giant allows U.K. workers to join a trade union.