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Celebrity Pitchman Anthony Sullivan and Tina Frey Reveal the Secrets of a Killer Pitch

On the first episode of our new series "Fix My Pitch," business coaches Anthony Sullivan and Tina Frey break down what it takes to wow investors in the boardroom.

Growing a Business

Business Growth Stems From Getting the Right Customer Feedback. Here's How to Get It.

Here's one of the most effective strategies in the pursuit of making customers happy when their expectations are constantly changing.

Growing a Business

The Magic That Happens When You Ask Yourself "Why Not?"

Owner of Starbright Floral Design in NYC, Nic Faitos, shares his secrets to success that helped his small flower shop become the premier florist in the city that never sleeps.

Growing a Business

Social Responsibility: The Unexpected Product of a NYC Chocolate Shop

When Rachel Kellner and her husband bought Aigner Chocolates, a longstanding chocolate shop, she brought her values of community and charity to keep the store relevant and successful.

Growing a Business

How Home-Packed Lunches Became a Thriving Business

In this episode, "Mexican Mom" Gina Antimo and her husband Jaime Reverté share how they foster a welcoming, family-like environment in their restaurant through customer service and authentic food.

Growing a Business

If You Want to Be More Successful Than Your Competition, You Need This Mindset to Win

It's time to make your business less about you and more about your customers.

Social Media

How to Grow Your Business With Social Media

Miriam Fried, owner of MF Strong, shares why a solid online presence, including social media and Yelp, is important for starting a business and achieving continued growth.

Growing a Business

Uplifting Other Local Businesses to Help Your Own Business Reach New Heights

Any coffee house can serve drinks and food, but those that serve their community are truly special. Hear from owner Taren Kinebrew on how she uplifts local businesses, fellow entrepreneurs, and the next generation of business owners.

Growing a Business

Meet #6 on Yelp's Top 100 Places to Eat: Sunbliss Cafe

In this episode, hear how Sunbliss Café owner Tani Ahmed brought a unique, sunny spin to both her menu and approach to customer service.

Growing a Business

How Dogpatch Games Wrote the Rulebook for Tabletop Gaming Customer Service

In this episode, hear how Shannon Newton used customer service and event planning to turn Dogpatch Games into a community staple — and more than a board game store.

Social Media

The Recipe For Making a Customer For Life: Personalization, Quality, and Care

In this episode, hear how Tina, owner of Boite de Fleurs, overcame the pandemic hitting right as she opened her store and how she uses social media to draw in her clientele.


Infusing Family Recipes with Innovative Dining

Chef Jason Helfer has created an employee culture at his family restaurant, Peasant Village, that shines through in the elevated customer service they provide.

Thought Leaders

By Women, For Women: A Space To Build Your Career

With the goal of supporting women in their career journeys, Cate Luzio founded Luminary, a professional education and networking platform.

Money & Finance

Do You Have the Right Insurance for Your Business? Here's How to Understand Your Options

Having the right insurance for your business can mean the difference between growth and success or closing your doors. With an ever-changing market and risk environment, it's a good time to ask if traditional insurance fits your business, or if it's time to consider alternative solutions.

Growing a Business

San Angelo is Sweet on This Unique Donut Shop

Ash Cordona never thought he'd own a donut shop, after years in trucking and transportation, but when an opportunity to buy Donutopia fell into their laps, he and his wife Sophea jumped at the chance to own a small business.