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The Rippling Effects of Quality Customer Service

Auto House has changed the car industry's narrative by implementing thoughtful, personalized help, whether it's loaning out a minivan to let a mom try out at practice or making connections with clients long after the sale.


Creating A Review Response Strategy

In this episode hear advice from business owners and consumers about how to engage with your online presence and build a strategy that reflects your business.


Why Fit In When Your Business Can Stand Out

At the mouth of Monterey Fisherman's Wharf lies Paluca Trattoria, a "coastal chic" restaurant focused on keeping the history and authenticity of its location alive.

Growing a Business

Turning Mistakes into Learning Opportunities

Hear how Norm Theard, owner, of The Quarter Creole Cuisine, continues his family's legacy through authentic comfort food and service to match.


You Could Call It An Adventure

Owning a small business can be an adventure, but according to Paper Route Bakery owner Aaron Seriff-Cullick, it can quickly turn into a crisis.


Prioritizing Relationships Over Sales

Sometimes service can feel forced. At Alpenglow Sports, owner Brendan says 'if you don't love to help people you're not hired.' And that culture creates a customer forward approach to the atmosphere in the shop.

Thought Leaders

How This 'Accidental Entrepreneur' Is Taking on Legacy Floral Companies and Disrupting the Industry

As Juan Palacio continues to build his flower empire, here are the most important lessons he's learned along the way.


The Unexpected Benefits of Competition

Brad Davis's career in real estate first began as a side hustle after buying his first home. Now, after years of working full time at Just Real Seattle, Brad shares his tips and tricks for navigating such a dynamic market.

Thought Leaders

Can Hassle- and Worry-Free Employee Leave Exist? This Trio Is on a Mission to Prove It

Mahima Chawla, Lauren Dai and Amber Feng founded Cocoon in June 2020 to take the pain out of employee leave. Here, Chawla shares three lessons she's learned since then.

Thought Leaders

How This Entrepreneur Bootstrapped Her Business, Landed on the Shelves of Target and Ulta and Disrupted the Sunscreen Category

Here are three lessons Shontay Lundy shares from the journey of building Black Girl Sunscreen.

Thought Leaders

How this Founder is Disrupting the World of EdTech & Empowering More Students to Break Into Tech

Three of the most important lessons Ruben Harris has learned in building Career Karma.


Shaping a Healthy Workplace Culture

From adding social spaces to establishing seasonal events, Chicago's Music Box's senior operations manager Buck LePard discusses the evolution of the historic venue, and how they've built such a tight-knit workplace culture.


Clear Communication is Always Key

Ryan, or DJ Tempoe, shares how teamwork, cross-training, and clear communication with clients are key to curating the perfect mood for any event.

Social Media

It Takes a Village to Keep a Restaurant Open

Interview with Leticia "Skai" Young (LoLo's Seafood Shack) about creating a community with her restaurant and using social media.


Your Expert Opinion vs. the Customer's Wants

In this episode, hear from Lana Kurayeva, owner of Shear Bliss Hair Salon, as well as reviewer Jenn, who discusses all the factors that made her very first hair coloring experience a successful one and what kept her coming back.