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5 Ways Smart Entrepreneurs Can Stop Thinking In Circles

It's a good day when data makes the right choice obvious. The rest of the time you have to go with what feels right based on what facts you have.

Dixie Gillaspie

· 5 min read

Entrepreneurs Don't Overthink Things. They Make a Decision and Go With It.

Becoming an entrepreneur means accepting that you might fail. At some point, you've got to shut off your brain, and make a move.

Stephen Key

· 4 min read

Why Yogi Berra's Cryptic Advice on Choices Makes Sense to Entrepreneurs

The beloved Yankee is inscrutable to most people. Business owners barraged by decisions to be made with imperfect information understand him.

Dixie Gillaspie

· 5 min read

5 Surprising Things Super Successful People Do

They understand the power of no, for one.

Sarah Peterson

· 4 min read

Of Course Corporations Are People

Big corporations are just small businesses that grew up. And they are all run by and for people.

Steve Tobak

· 5 min read

The 5 Decisions That Will Change Your Life Forever as an Entrepreneur

Because entrepreneurship has been so heavily glamorized over the past decade, many people feel surprised and guilty about the fact that it can actually be a pretty tough choice to make.

Sujan Patel

· 5 min read

The 7 Styles of Decision Making

'Understanding how you make decisions is the starting point to making a more informed decision in the future,' says author Jeffrey Shinabarger.

Darrah Brustein

· 4 min read

Today Is the Luckiest Day of the Year (Astrologically Speaking)

Making a business deal or announcing a new entrepreneurial venture? According to astrologist Susan Miller, you should schedule it on Aug. 26, 2015.

Kate Taylor

· 2 min read

How to Determine the Correct Things to Focus On

If you want to master and deeply understand the core fundamentals of a task you may, paradoxically, need to start by casting a very wide net.

James Clear

· 7 min read

Be the Benevolent Dictator Your Company Deserves

Companies aren't democracies. At some point, leaders need to make decisions.

William Litvack

· 3 min read

Why Can't We All Just Get Along? Because We Shouldn't.

Conflict is key to smart decisions and positive outcomes ... and we're all the better for it.

Steve Tobak

· 6 min read

Priceless Words From the Founder of WordPress

Great advice on starting a business, from a guy who's been pretty successful himself.

Steve Tobak

· 5 min read