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I Started Only Checking My Email Every Other Day. Here's What Happened.

The change took some time, but it's been transformative for my business—and it's easier than it sounds.

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The Delightful Overwhelm of a Pile of Undone Tasks

Breaking your work into manageable pieces and finding enjoyment in them are skills that will continually give back to your strength and state of mind.

Growing a Business

Dealing With Recurring Tasks? This Highly-Reviewed App Is a Manager's Best Friend.

Spend less time managing, and more time scaling.

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Channelling Procrastination Into Productivity

Highlight the importance of little details of the brief, and pinpoint the fact that without questions ordinarily, such finer details would not be clear


Are You Still Using Emails? Here's Why You Need to Switch to Task Management Apps

Emails are now reserved for formal communication, whereas the everyday conversation about tasks that need to be done and their updates have moved on to these apps


How to Stay Focused as an Entrepreneur

Let's elaborate on how a high-performing entrepreneur tries to keep a balance between individual goals, team efficiency, personal life and a healthy living

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Urgent vs Important: How Can Entrepreneurs Find a Balance?

Understanding the difference between urgent and important can further help entrepreneurs to achieve greater productivity.


A VC's Perspective - Open Your Eyes To Management AI

Administrative tasks which used to take more time and money now can be managed using AI much faster