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Are You Still Using Emails? Here's Why You Need to Switch to Task Management Apps Emails are now reserved for formal communication, whereas the everyday conversation about tasks that need to be done and their updates have moved on to these apps

By Sanchita Dash

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Gone are the days when if you had to speak to an employee you had to walk across the hall. Fast forward a few years later and emails did the job for us. Efficient and a great way to keep a record of conversations, emails became the way to communicate with colleagues.

But in today's technologically frenzy world, things need to be faster than ever. People want the communication to be done soon and the execution to be super fast.

And here's where the task management apps of today come into the picture. With more efficiency required at work, task-management apps are changing the game. Emails are now reserved for formal communication, whereas the everyday conversation about tasks that need to be done and their updates have moved on to these apps.

Entrepreneur India spoke to start-up founders about the various task management apps they use and how they work better.

What's on Your Task?

For companies, it is important to adapt to the fast-moving world of innovation. To keep up with this speed it is important to also change the way we work. Nishit Sharma, Co-Founder, Reniso said that there has been a significant growth in the adoption of product management tools like Jira, Asana, Trello; cloud storage software such as Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive. "Instant communication apps like Whatsapp, Slack, to communicate anytime anywhere; and scheduling tools like Calendly making the calendar management super easy. At Reniso too, we strive to keep pace with every facet of technology that improves efficiency and productivity at work," he said,

Meanwhile, Parveen Singhal, Co-Founder & CCO, WittyFeed added that they use WorkChat & WorkPlace by Facebook. "These apps and software not only enable smooth organizational communication but also get each and every employee on the same page," he said.

Why it Works Better

From simple communication of the task to be completed to the division of work within a team, the organization now comes at the click of a button. Switching to these new age task management applications makes it a lot easier for the organization to communicate to large team base. Singhal said there is a huge benefit of using these tools as it not only consumes lesser time but at the same time empowers the employees to work more efficiently. "Other than that it helps in keeping up with better schedules and trackability get way more effortless. Adopting these methods increases the productivity of the company and it also helps to promote the diversity at workplace, knowledge sharing and maintains frankness among the co-workers," he said.

However, this doesn't mean email doesn't exist anymore. Emails are still the medium for formal communication for most organizations. Sharma points out that it has been long used in the corporate world to make official announcements, delegate tasks, share important documents, and follow up with colleagues for pending assignments, and will continue to remain a prime mode of communication.

Sharma however also adds why it's important to switch to these apps. He said that with these apps it has become quite easy to not only manage time and work but track and set priorities for various tasks at hand as well. "An even better feature is that these apps provide integrations with each other as well. With chatbots gaining popularity, it is even possible to make sales without an actual sales person around, improving the productivity manifolds," he said.

Sanchita Dash

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