High-Potency 'Golden Cells' Offer Hope to Those With Severe Chronic Back and Neck Pain

Stem cells can alleviate neck and back pain and heal damaged discs without medication or surgery.

Eric Stoffers

This Is How Stem-Cell Therapy Treats Serious Brain Injuries

Stem-cell therapy, optimizing hormone levels as part of protocols focused on reducing neuroinflammation, reveals exceptional potential to treat TBI, CTE and PTSD.

Eric Stoffers

Former Quarterback Jim McMahon Calls Advanced Stem-Cell Treatment 'Truly Miraculous'

Advanced stem-cell therapy offers effective treatment for even severe back and neck pain.

Eric Stoffers

AstraZeneca Covid Vaccine 100% Effective Against Hospitalizations and Deaths, Per Final-Stage U.S. Testing

The UK-based pharmaceutical maker's two-shot solution appears to be even more efficacious against symptomatic infection than Johnson & Johnson's one-dose injection.

Kenny Herzog

These 5 Careers Could Be the Future of Healthcare

Technology is not only changing the way we do healthcare, but also its career possibilities.

Morris Panner

Are Antibiotics Causing Anxiety, Depression and Poor Gut Health?

In this mini-masterclass, Ben Angel shares how everyday medicinal aides can actually be holding us back.

Ben Angel

Dolly Parton Donated $1 Million to Moderna's Vaccine Research

The country icon continues her crusade to keep America healthy and comforted amid the pandemic.

Kenny Herzog

The New Pfizer Vaccine Needs Plenty of Cold Storage, but Will There Be Enough Dry Ice?

We talked with one industry exec who's not so sure but would welcome the government's call to action.

Kenny Herzog

'The Biohackers Guide to Getting Things Done In Times of Uncertainty' Episode 4: What You Need to Know About Nootropics Before Taking Them

The final installment in a four-part video series from the author of 'Unstoppable' offers four tips for those considering cognitive-function supplements.

Ben Angel

Purdue Pharma to Plead Guilty to Multiple Federal Charges (Updated)

The OxyContin manufacturer will pay the government $225 million and own up to misleading the DEA and incentivizing doctors to write prescriptions.

Kenny Herzog

Moderna's Coronavirus Vaccine Just Started Its Phase 3 Trial. Here's How It Will Work.

Moderna's coronavirus vaccine candidate entered its next phase of human trials on Monday. The company hopes to have results by Thanksgiving.

Susie Neilson

How to Hire Certified Nursing Assistants

Nurses are more in demand than ever. If your business needs to hire a CNA, here's how to attract top talent.

Desmond Lim