Memorial Day

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Airbnb Announces 'Anti-Party Crackdown' Ahead of Summer

Airbnb is scanning one-and two-night reservations bookings that are potentially high risk for parties.

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After Her Brother's Death in Iraq Became News, a PR Strategist Learned Firsthand Why the Way We Tell Stories Matters — and It Changed Her Career

Ami Neiberger, a communications strategist and media-relations expert for more than 20 years, says there's a "fine line to walk" when it comes to sharing our most vulnerable moments.

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Despite Recession Fears and Skyrocketing Airfare, Americans Are Traveling at Record Rates, According to a New Report

"This is expected to be the third busiest Memorial Day weekend since 2000 when AAA started tracking holiday travel."

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Why Was Google Grey on Memorial Day? The Answer May Surprise You

Google honors Memorial Day with a grey logo and animated tribute to those who have served.


Memorial Day Is a Time for Remembrance, So What's With All the Mattress Sales?

How Civil War-era "Decoration Day" morphed into the mattress-filled Memorial Day we know now.


10 Best Memorial Day Deals for Entrepreneurs

Shop our best deals for the holiday.


Best Memorial Day Sales in 2022 for Small-Business Owners

Entrepreneurs typically think about selling during Memorial Day, but these sales show how they can save on essential products and experiences too.

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7 Meaningful Ways Your Business Can Honor Memorial Day

Memorial Day sales are an annual tradition at this point, but it's important to remember what the holiday is truly supposed to commemorate.

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Celebrate Memorial Day By Serving Others

A selfless mindset is the best way to honor others' service and sacrifice.

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5 Tips for Military Vets Transitioning Into a Remote Workforce or Business

With many companies at least temporarily remote, you need to put your best foot forward digitally.

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Memorial Day Sales Look More Normal, In Most Ways

Last Memorial Day, most Americans were shopping for hand sanitizer and toilet paper.

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Heroes First: Veteran Innovators and Entrepreneurs in America

Serving our country long after the military.


Make a Personal Connection to Honor the Fallen This Memorial Day

Create Memorial Day traditions that truly recognize and appreciate the fallen.


Franchise Players: This Man Signed His Franchise Agreement While Serving in Baghdad

Chris Gately's first steps to become a Workout Anytime franchisee began while he was serving in the military.


Franchise Players: The Challenges of Finding Funding

For National Guard veteran Steve Grimes, the most surprising challenge in opening his franchise was finding funding.