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4 Devices for Your Mobile Workforce

Stay on top of business from anywhere with these 4G wireless smartphones, tablets and computers.

John Patrick Pullen

· 2 min read

Franchise Takes the Cafe Concept on the Road

BikeCaffe, a British franchise concept, brings the coffee house to the customer.

Jason Daley

· 3 min read

Beauty Businesses on Wheels

Small beauty-product marketers are extending their reach by going mobile. Here, a look at the benefits and what you can learn from these four-wheeling entrepreneurs.

Jane Porter

· 5 min read

How I Did It: Getting Started in the Pet Business

Meet five enterprising animal lovers who found their second acts in the booming pet industry.

Geoff Williams

· 9 min read

Working From Nomad's Land

Last year Fran Reisner sold her home and took her photography business and her life on the road. Here's how she did it -- and how she's adapting.

Patrick J. Kiger

· 9 min read

How 'Augmented Reality' Software Can Blur the Lines Between Online and Offline Worlds

Total Immersion's Augmented Reality software solutions gives heavy metal band Mastodon an edge with fans.

Jason Ankeny

· 4 min read

Three Ways Entrepreneurs Are Using Mobile Commerce to Grow

Mobile payment systems such as Swipe, Pay Anywhere and Square offer merchants free readers, apps, activation and cancellation.

Jennifer Wang

· 5 min read

An Employee-Tracking App to Manage a Mobile Workforce

A new fleet-management tool can help business owners improve their logistics.

Jonathan Blum

· 5 min read

How to Start a Food Truck

Eight tips to steer a mobile restaurant business in the right direction.

Amy Reinink

· 5 min read

Has Mobility Become a Must?

If our scenarios apply to you, you probably need more mobility.

Amanda C. Kooser

· 1 min read

Life--and Work--Without Limits

Take some time to catch up on the innovations speeding along in the world of mobile telecommunications.

Mike Hogan

· 4 min read