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Making A Splash: Nicolas Soucaille, General Manager - UAE, Blacklane

Nicolas Soucaille, General Manager - UAE, Blacklane, on how the chauffeur-hailing service's debut in the UAE has it aligned with the country's high standards for quality, professionalism, and sustainability.

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Everest Fleet Raises $20 Million Funding Led By Uber

The funding will enable Everest Fleet to expand its operations and grow the overall supply pool available for the ridesharing industry where demand continues to outstrip vehicle supply

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Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles Vs Battery Electric Vehicles

Experts tell us why FCEVs are not very common in India, but why we need them to coexist with BEVs

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Global Mobility Platform inDrive Raises $150 Million

The new funding will give inDrive additional financial flexibility and will support the company's ongoing growth

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Toyota Startup Accelerator's Demo Day Aims to Catalyze Sustainable Innovation Across Europe

It's all about bringing together startups that are innovating in the "Mobility for All" and sustainability space.


Meet Abdallah Of Arabia: Abdallah Abu-Sheikh, The Serial Entrepreneur Behind UAE-Based Barq And Rizek

Abdallah Abu-Sheikh is the co-founder and CEO of Barq, the first-of-its-kind tech-driven network of electric vehicles built to serve the MENA region's last mile delivery sector.

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How To Build A Global Enterprise From India

Bhavin Pandya, co-founder and co-CEO, Games 24x7, Rahul Garg, founder and CEO, Moglix and Mohit Dubey, CEO, Chalo on how to take an enterprise global

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The Automotive Industry's Future Depends On a Software-driven Business Model

With today's technology breakthroughs, automobiles may become more desirable

Women Entrepreneur™

The Prolific Investor

Anjali Bansal is passionately nurturing startups in tech, climate action, innovation and sustainability


This Electric Motocross Bike Is Built For Experts and Joyriders Alike

On top of being much easier to ride and take care of than the traditional bike, Stark Future's Stark VARG is at the forefront of the sustainability movement

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Year That Holds Promise To Fundamentally Alter Mobility

The dynamic transformations in this space are organic and happen due to multiple key industry drivers

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This Is How a National Automobile Brand Emerged As an International Name

Nicholas Farago, CEO of Farago Motors, says the hybrid and electric vehicle segment is a fast developing segment and they will entirely reshape the automobile industry

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Vehicles Rental Industry Is booming With Technological Advancements

Omar Al Ashi, CEO of Urent, is now preparing his company to enter into different regions next year

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Technical Glitch: Ola App Sends False Booking Notifications To Users

On Tuesday, users complained of receiving notifications from the ride-hailing app without making any bookings; money deducted from wallet without availing ride in some cases, claimed users on Twitter


This 30-Year-Old Introduced The Original Bike Taxi Segment In India

Founded by Aravind Sanka along with his co-founders Pavan Guntunpalli and Rishikesh SR, Rapido now enjoys a customer base of 10 million users with a presence in 100 cities