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How to Identify Your X Factor So You Can Monetize Your Gifts

The founder and CEO of Rock Your Gift shares what to ask yourself to find your X factor, and explains how he's helping coaches and speakers define their unique message to grow their platform and visibility to attract consistent clients.

Growing a Business

Are You Doing Enough To Monetize Your Software? Here Are 6 Mistakes Most Companies Make and How To Avoid Them

What are the most common mistakes companies make when it comes to monetizing their software?


The Creator-preneur

Eloelo will be launching NFTs as they look to empower entertainers to build their communities & offer social tokens that unlock exclusive fan access to a creator

Growing a Business

How News Publishers Can Improve Their Monetization Strategies

It's time to upgrade if you want to maintain revenue growth.


The Challenge Is To Connect 1.4 Billion Indians Through Internet: Axis Bank's Amitabh Chaudhry

Major concerns are posed by the digital and the spatial divide


How Important Is It To Monetize Camel Milk For Herders?

The economic importance of camels has been on a decline and the tribes are losing their livestock to urbanization


Online Content Monetization 101: How to Make Money From Content

Read about all the ways you can make money from your content - and how to get started.

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The Blockchain Way To Monetize Your Social Media Posts

Brands are particularly attentive to the best elements of their community, those who relay their values, products and services and often engage professional influencers to create content and engage with the brand.

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How can App Developers Maximize their Revenue?

Here are some monetization strategies that you can employ to improve your revenues significantly

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Facebook Tests Charging Subscriptions for Access to Groups

The social network is piloting a feature that will let group administrators charge membership fees for access to exclusive content.

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Making Money on YouTube Just Got Much Harder

Every channel now requires at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watchtime per year.


Is It a Hobby or a Business? 5 Things You Need to Know to Monetize Your Hobby.

Pay attention to this distinction because you can bet that the tax man is going to.


3 Dependable Revenue Models for Monetizing Your Blog

Promoting online connections has quickly become one of the most effective methods of monetization.


Creating Vernacular Content Is Not Restricted To Textual Content Alone; Here's Why!

People belonging to smaller cities prefer to audio-visual form of content over textual content.

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Your Current Monetization Method Won't Last Forever

To take your business to the next level you have to be ready to monetize in different ways.