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How can App Developers Maximize their Revenue? Here are some monetization strategies that you can employ to improve your revenues significantly

By Saurabh Bhatia

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There has been a fundamental shift in the way users consume content today. Mobile users have gradually moved away from using their mobile browsers to focus on a wide range of apps across various verticals. This affinity toward in-app has changed app developers' perception toward different monetization strategies. App developers who keep up with the evolution of the best practices will definitely tap into a fast-growing revenue stream in the future.

A report by Mobile video advertising platform Chocolate named "App Monetization Secrets To Help App Developers Stay Ahead Of The Curve' in association with Apptopia analyzes top 1000+ publishers and 1700+ free apps across Google Play and iOS store covering the Americas, Europe and the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.

Even after putting the best efforts in app development, why many app developers are not able to generate revenues successfully? The report addresses this question by looking at the following aspects:

Current State of App Monetization

  • Advertising is the most effective monetization method among App developers. By end of this year, it is predicted that mobile games will generate $39.8 billion in ad revenue globally.

  • App developers are starting to rely on in-app ads to generate higher revenues. 24 percent prefer Advertising as compared to 13 percent who prefer Consumable in-app purchases and 9 percent who prefer non-consumable in-app purchases.

  • More and more app developers will move away from traditional ad units to new and more lucrative ad formats like native, rewarded ads and interstitials.

Primary Concerns of App Developers

  • App Developers end up spending a lot of time on monetization related procedures like integrating & managing multiple ad network SDKs, managing billings & payout from different partners and optimizing waterfalls. Thus, leaving them with less time to focus on creating better app features and improving app experience.

  • Though Ad mediation is a great step to achieving ad revenue nirvana and maximizing app profitability, less than 20% of top free apps use an Ad Mediation SDK (74% top free apps have more than 20 SDKs integrated).

Key Revenue Generating Secrets

In this report, we delve deeper into finding out what factors are causing a drop in revenues and how app developers can maximize it using the right ad monetization solution.

  • Latency, render rate and real-time yield optimization are three major factors that impact ad decisioning – the better it is, the higher is the revenue and fill rate.

  • There are methods by which latency can be reduced, render rates and yield optimization can be maximized, which are explained in detail in the report.

Here are some interesting highlights from the report rationalizing the fact that a smarter approach is needed in mobile ad monetization:

Saurabh Bhatia

CEO and Co-Founder, Chocolate

Saurabh Bhatia is the CEO and co-founder of Chocolate. 

Chocolate is a global leader in mobile video advertising. Chocolate offers two core products, Chocolate Marketplace, a global programmatic buying and selling platform for mobile video advertising and Chocolate Mediation, an end-to-end monetization solution for app developers & publishers. Chocolate is a privately held, venture-backed company headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices in San Francisco, CA and India. 


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