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A Japanese Nuclear Plant Is About to Release Radioactive Water Into the Ocean. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

The International Atomic Energy Agency says the practice is safe. Critics of the plan want more transparency.

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Mama Mia! The Venice Canals Are Running Dry.

Low tides are making it impossible for gondolas to pass through some of the famous Italian canals.


How to Strengthen Your Business Against the Threat of Natural Disasters

Natural disasters have derailed too many businesses. By preparing in advance, you can keep your employees safe and ensure business continuity no matter what mother nature sends your way.

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Flooding in Las Vegas Leaves Several Casinos, the Strip and Airport Under Water

People took to Twitter to share shocking videos of the scene.

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This Is the One Economic Indicator That We Should Completely Ignore

What good is a super-sized economy if our society is not made better off? We should focus on measures of well-being, not overstuffed shopping carts.

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How to Keep Your Business Running During a Natural Disaster

Natural disasters are inevitable, but they don't have to cripple your business if you're prepared ahead of time.

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What Entrepreneurs Can Do to Overcome the Impact of Natural Disasters

Although natural calamities are unpredictable, one can sketch a plan that may be useful in managing businesses when they strike.

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I Lost Almost Everything in a Natural Disaster. Here Is How I Recovered.

When wildfires, earthquakes or hurricanes like Ida leave devastation, it doesn't have to be the end, for you or those you care about.

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How to Prevent Data Loss Due to Natural Calamities

According to the European Environmental Agency, the heatwave in 2003 led to a loss of EUR 15 Billion.

Thought Leaders

This Brooklyn Entrepreneur Was Shaken to Her Core by Nepal's Devastating Earthquake and Did Something Incredible

How a jewelry designer poured her passion into reviving devastated communities with new entrepreneurial projects.

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These 2 Franchisees in Puerto Rico Survived Hurricane Maria and Lived to Tell What They Learned

Edgardo Santiago and Luisaliz Rivera learned that 'community' is everything, along with communications and preparation.