¡Ya hay fecha para la inauguración del Super Nintendo World en California!

Los fanáticos de Mario Bros. podrán vivir una gran experiencia con sus personajes favoritos, en el Super Nintendo World de California.


Nintendo adquiere Dynamo Pictures para fortalecer su producción de contenido audiovisual

La compra de la productora se da mientras Nintendo produce una cinta animada basada en los personajes de su éxito Super Mario Bros.


Fan de Nintendo compra acciones de la empresa para poder participar en una junta directiva y hacer una pregunta en torno a su videojuego favorito

Su pasión por el videojuego F-Zero es tal que decidió hacer hasta lo imposible para preguntar por una nueva versión de este.

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CBP Seizes Shipment Containing 50,000 Fake Apple AirPods, 920 Nintendo Video Game Consoles From China

The officers discovered the illegitimate products after inspecting a shipment of goods arriving from China into the United States and determined that they appeared to be fake.

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Nintendo Switch Is the Latest Victim of Holiday Shortages

Japan-based Nintendo is cutting its sales forecast for the Nintendo Switch by 1.5 million units.

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Microsoft Tried to Buy Nintendo, But Got Laughed Out of the Room

The company wanted Nintendo's software for the original Xbox.

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'Super Mario Bros. 35' Turns the Classic Platformer Into a Battle Royale

Sadly, this game will only be available through March of next year.

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Nintendo is Opening Switch Lounges at U.S. Airports

You'll be able to play Switch games and orders systems, but Nintendo is also offering comfortable seats and charging ports.

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Coronavirus Outbreak Is Affecting Nintendo Switch Supply in Japan

This also affects 'Ring Fit Adventure' and Joy-Cons.

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Super Nintendo World Theme Park Is a 'Life-Size, Living Video Game'

A 'Power Up Band' wearable will track visitors' progress collecting coins and fighting bosses.

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Nintendo Announces the Switch Lite for $199

It's a smaller, handheld-only version of the Switch with a 5.5-inch touch screen.

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Kansas City Royals Employees Use Jumbotron to Play Mario Kart

A news helicopter caught what has to be the best use of a giant screen.


Upcoming Pokémon Game on Nintendo Switch Hopes to Capture Huge Mobile Fan Base of 'Pokémon Go'

The developer of the upcoming 'Pokémon Let's Go' is incentivizing players of the smartphone phenomenon to become customers of the Nintendo console.

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Nintendo Profits Increase 505 Percent Thanks to Switch

The Nintendo Switch is a huge hit for the company, and one likely to match or even surpass the Wii's success.