Nintendo is Opening Switch Lounges at U.S. Airports You'll be able to play Switch games and orders systems, but Nintendo is also offering comfortable seats and charging ports.

By Matthew Humphries

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As Sony and Microsoft prepare their marketing campaigns for the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, Nintendo is keen to ensure nobody forgets about the Switch. The Japanese company has decided one way to do that is by focusing on US airports.

As BusinessWire reports, Nintendo is setting up a number of Nintendo Switch On The Go pop-up airport lounges at a handful of airports. Each pop-up will include seating with access to charging ports, as well as the opportunity to spend time playing game demos on the Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite. There's also going to be televisions setup for playing in TV mode. The games playable at the pop-ups include The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Mario Odyssey, Super Mario Party, and Tetris 99.

Not one to miss a sales opportunity, anyone visiting a pop-up to experience the Switch can also choose to order the Switch or Switch Lite and receive a free carrying case. Games and merchandise will also be offered, but you'll have to wait two business days for your order to ship so there will be no getting on a flight with a new Switch. Even if you don't buy anything, visitors will receive a free luggage handle wrap and a $10 coupon for Target (valid when you spend $75 or more on Nintendo products).

The airports where these pop-ups are set to appear so far include:

  1. Dulles in Washington D.C. in Councourse B between Feb. 17 and March 29
  2. Tacoma in Seattle in Councourse C between Feb. 17 and March 29
  3. O'Hare in Chicago in Terminal 1, Councourse B between Feb. 17 and March 29
  4. Dallas Love Field in the West Terminal between Feb. 13 and March 26

If the pop-ups prove popular, I wouldn't be surprised to see Nintendo expand them to other airports and perhaps try introducing them across European locations, too.

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