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70% of Small Business Owners Say Online Marketplaces Help Them Boost Sales — and Now It Can Be True For You.

To combat the expensive and burdensome overhead of physical retail stores, small businesses should fully embrace online marketplaces. Here are five compelling reasons why.

Growing a Business

3 Reasons Online Marketplaces Benefit Entrepreneurs — and Should Be Protected

No matter what products you sell or which customer segments you court, online marketplaces can and should be an important part of your growth strategy. They're important to entrepreneurs as individuals and our economy as a whole.

Growing a Business

Marketplaces Are Taking Over Ecommerce. Here's What Retailers Can Gain by Joining the Movement Now.

It's not too late to transition to the marketplace model. In fact, it's even more advantageous during moments of economic uncertainty. Here's why.

Growth Strategies

The Idea to IPO Man

When the CEO of a traditional business decides to start up, the one thing he ensures is not just to identify the right gap in the market but also to ensure that growth doesn't come at the cost of losses, unlike other start-ups. Vinay Sanghi who left Mahindra First Choice Wheels to start CarTrade not only took the company public but also ensured profitable growth.


PromptBase, el marketplace para vender arte digital creado por plataformas de inteligencia artificial

Los artistas cibernéticos han encontrado en PromptBase una manera de generar ingresos a cambio de sus creaciones en DALL-E o Midjourney.


The 7 Key Steps to Launching an eCommerce Business

This step-by-step guide contains everything you need to know about breaking in to the ecommerce space.


Solving B2B Needs Through Supply Chain Solutions

Moglix is an online platform that offers solutions to more than 500,000 SMEs and 3,000 manufacturing plants across India, Singapore, the UK and the UAE

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Gen Zers Are Bragging About Making Upwards of $3 Million as Amazon Sellers. Is It Really That Easy?

Before you start a business on the popular online marketplace, keep these three points in mind.

Growth Strategies

Time For Coffee? There's An App For That, Says COFE Founder Ali Al Ebrahim

COFE is a coffee-centric marketplace app conceptualized in Kuwait, and developed in Silicon Valley for coffee communities around the world.

Growth Strategies

[Funding Alert] This B2B Online Marketplace For Manufacturers Is Ramping Up Efforts To Widen Supplier Base

Bengaluru-based Zetwerk raised of INR 16 crore from InnoVen Capital

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Amazon To Export $10 Billion Worth Of Indian Goods By 2025

The company aims to digitize 10 million MSMEs with this investment, helping Indian businesses grow by selling online worldwide

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Kuwait's On-Demand Car Wash App Offers Convenience to Customers

Ghaseel, Kuwait's biggest on-demand car wash app, allows its users to get their car washed and have detailing services done anytime and anywhere.

Growth Strategies

How E-commerce Platforms Are Facilitating Small Business Owners for Selling Online

The likes of Amazon & Flipkart are expanding market access for sellers


Future of Fashion Business

Semi-organized retail is very low margin-based, a wholesaler may work at 5-20% gross margin on his selling price and a retailer between 15-30%


Different Strategies in Creating a Seamless B2B E-commerce 'Omni Channel Platform'

Here are some of the strategies B2B firms can employ to create an omni-channel customer experience across all stages of the customer journey