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WhatsApp Business launches the new 'Collections' feature to organize your products and make shopping easier. See how it works.

The new 'Collections' feature in WhatsApp Business streamlines the sales process, makes it easier to find products and improves the customer experience. Here we tell you how to implement it.

The future is here! The 5 new advertising trends to succeed in this Good End

Considering the particularities of 2021, I leave you five essential strategies for the start of this high season.

Diana León

57% of micro and small businesses are committed to combining online and physical sales, reveals GoDaddy study

The GoDaddy Entrepreneurship Survey 2021 reveals that 6 out of 10 entrepreneurs ventured into online sales due to the pandemic, but will not give up their physical stores

Social Commerce Is the Future of Marketing. Are You Ready?

Here's how to take advantage of the platform that offers customers easy access to impulse buys and hard-to-locate items.

Chris Davenport

These small brands have used Instagram to grow their business. How they did it?

I spoke with three sustainable clothing brands: Paralia, Miel the Brand and Maia Studio about their Instagram Shops and their growth through the network and the motivating thing is that anyone can start a business through it.

Walmart Launches Unlimited Home Delivery Program, See How You Can Take Advantage Of It

With the Walmart Pass membership you can receive your purchases at home, unlimited and without shipping costs for minimum purchases of $ 499.

Alto Nivel

WhatsApp and the New Shopping Cart: How Does It Work?

WhatsApp shopping carts will be available all over the world, they allow you to send orders easily.

Free Webinar | July 16: 10 Ways to Diversify Your Sales Strategy Online to Protect Your Business

From brick-and-mortar to online website sales, there are plenty of options to help your business grow.

You Can Quickly Add $5,000 More Per Month to Your Lifestyle Business Income

The easiest and fastest way to improve revenues is to find new ways to sell the expertise you already command

8 Website Conversion Tips From a Luxury Mattress Brand

Website traffic is half the battle. You still have to make the sale.

Jonathan Long