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8 Website Conversion Tips From a Luxury Mattress Brand Website traffic is half the battle. You still have to make the sale.

By Jonathan Long

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We often hear about the importance of search engine optimization, email marketing, pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing and content marketing -- all ways to attract visitors to your website. Well, getting traffic to your website is only half of the battle -- converting that traffic into sales and revenue is the other half.

You could have all the traffic in the world, but if it isn't converting to sales it's essentially useless. Zenhaven, one of the most successful luxury mattress brands, knows a thing or two about converting traffic into sales -- they have accumulated more than 12,000 5-star reviews online. Here are eight conversion tips we can learn from their website.

1. Let visitors know you are available to help.

I'm a huge fan of live chat -- it gives your website visitors the ability to ask questions while they are on your website and in "buy mode." The last thing you want to do it push away a potential sale because they had a simple question that could have been answered in three seconds.

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Zenhaven's live chat greets new visitors with a simple greeting offering assistance: "Welcome to Zenhaven! How may we help you today?" Then, after a slight delay they let the visitor know they are available if needed: "We'll be here if you have any questions."

2. Video drives conversions -- but beware.

Video is a great way to inform your website visitors about your particular product or service, if presented right. Many websites will auto-play their video or present it as a pop-up. This annoys the visitor and will cause a significant percentage of traffic to leave.

When you visit Zenhaven's homepage you can't miss the option to play their video -- the design is clean and the "play" button is perfectly placed in direct view without being intrusive or disrupting the user experience.

3. Showcase social proof to establish trust.

It's important that your website visitors feel confident on your website. You need to instill trust if you expect them to submit their credit card details and complete a purchase. Zenhaven's homepage features the logos of prominent media outlets that they have been featured by and also reference the fact that they were the seventh fastest growing private retail company in America.

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Don't be shy -- let your accomplishments be known. Quickly building trust and establishing a level of legitimacy with each visitor will result is more conversions. If you are lacking media coverage, check out this article.

4. Use an irresistible offer for your call-to-action.

Right above Zenhaven's "Shop" button is the following call-to-action: "Your 75-day home trial awaits."

That's a very appealing offer for those looking for a new mattress. It's not aggressive nor obnoxious -- it simply entices and invites the visitor to click-through to explore purchase options. That simple line of text will attract a much higher click-through rate than a "Shop" button alone.

5. Make contacting your business simple.

I absolutely love Zenhaven's contact page. It features a standard contact form, but also lists their live chat option, their phone number that's available 24/7 and their email address. It's a very simple and clean contact page with every option highlighted.

Don't want to fill in a form? Email them directly. Don't feel like speaking to someone on the phone? Use the live chat function. They have contact options to satisfy the needs of every visitor. If you can answer questions in a way that's convenient to each visitor, it will greatly increase the chance of them converting.

6. Allow visitors to read your reviews.

If a consumer is interested in your product they are going to seek out reviews online. So, rather than make them search, put them in plain sight and welcome your visitors to read them.

Zenhaven has a dedicated page on their website that features reviews left on their website and also provides access to reviews from Consumer Affairs, Price Grabber, Trust Pilot, Yahoo and Google. If a visitor doesn't have to leave your website to read your reviews it greatly increases the chance of a conversion.

7. Keep mobile users in mind.

With such a high percentage of all website traffic coming form mobile devices, it's important that you make it extremely easy for your visitors to complete a purchase using their smartphones.

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The entire process, from selecting options to entering payment information, is a breeze on Zenhaven's website. Make all check-out steps easy to complete with minimal effort -- make it thumb and finger tip friendly.

8. Give customers a peak "inside' your brand.

Any time you can offer your visitors a look inside your operation it gives you the opportunity to become more appealing. For example, take a look at Zenhaven's "How It's Made" page, which offers a step-by-step explanation of their production process.

This allows them to connect to potential customers on a more human level -- their eco-responsibility component is just another way to push visitors to convert. It's an added website section that only helps them drive more sales.

Jonathan Long

Founder, Uber Brands

Jonathan Long is the founder of Uber Brands, a brand-development agency focusing on ecommerce.

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