'The Alignment Factor': Alignment to the market taking into account segmentation and differentiation

To survive and prosper in these difficult times, it may be necessary to reinvest in your business concept and redesign your offering.

Riaz Khadem y Linda Khadem

· 9 min read

What are the challenges that fintech companies have to be an economic driver in Latam?

Fintech venture capital startups and even traditional banks are starting to seize growth opportunities in the region.

Sebastian Medrano

· 5 min read

8 trends that will shape the future of education in the world

Just a year ago the coronavirus arrived to change our lives and an indisputable truth is that education as we knew it will not be possible until 2019, in any of its levels or modalities.

Entrepreneur en Español

· 8 min read

How to create a results-driven Minimum Viable Agile Ecosystem to spark regional innovation?

It is a business ecosystem that is related to the strategy and development of a Minimum Viable Product of a new product or service.

Wadhwani Foundation

· 9 min read

The 9 elements that you should use to give 'color' to your stories

When you put together the story of your brand or organization you need to have, like a painter, some basic elements.

Massimo Martinotti

· 9 min read

Do you want to go back to the office? Meet the hybrid work model

The new normal offers the opportunity to mix the advantages of home office and office work.


· 5 min read

Advertising in the gaming ecosystem

According to Digital Weeks, Mexico is the most important Latin American country in the gaming market, with 63 million people who play.

Entrepreneur en Español

· 3 min read

A step towards the democratization of online sales

In a country that has a 62% preference for the use of cash as a form of payment, the ability to build a bridge between the physical world and digital transactions could result in one of the most important challenges in this digital transformation.

Entrepreneur en Español

· 6 min read

How to invest in the stock market to make money

What has worked for me to invest and obtain returns of + 10x.

Jordi Greenham Asensio

· 8 min read

Challenges and opportunities for entrepreneurs during the pandemic

In the first five weeks of confinement, society and economies were digitized more than in the previous five years

Wayra Hispanoamérica

· 5 min read

If women's SMEs prosper, the economy benefits

In Mexico there are more than 4 million SMEs and 60% of them are led by women. The closure of these businesses implies a reduction in income, jobs and economic activity that would impact the general economy.

Google México

· 4 min read

How have fintechs fared during the pandemic?

The country has an ecosystem conducive to technological and financial ventures, which place it as one of the Latin American destinations with the highest investment for fintech companies.

Sebastian Medrano

· 5 min read