Opinión: los políticos están apresurando una transición a los vehículos eléctricos y las pequeñas empresas pagarán por ello

La experta en automóviles Lauren Fix escribe que las nuevas políticas están cargando a los empresarios con precios más altos y menos opciones para sus necesidades de transporte.

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Opinion: Politicians Are Rushing a Transition to Electric Vehicles and Small Businesses Will Pay for It

Auto expert Lauren Fix writes that new policies are saddling entrepreneurs with higher prices and fewer options for their transportation needs.

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Entrepreneurship Shamed

VG Siddhartha's Story May Hit Entrepreneurship Dream Hard

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How Australia can Benefit from China's Innovation Potential

China's innovation potential is considerable and it is in Australia's best interests to form deep, lasting relationships as they grow in knowledge and networks

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Seattle Is Taxing Amazon to Help Solve Its Homeless Problem: Bad Move.

Amazon paid zero federal income tax on a 2017 profit of $5.6 billion. It received a $784 million rebate from the new federal tax law. Seattle's 'head tax' will cost it $12.4 million yearly for five years.


Why It's Okay to Disagree With Your Colleagues

Weak leadership and/or company culture fail to align everyone in the same direction.

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Three Things You Need To Know To Drive Business Growth Using Quora

For entrepreneurs, Quora can be an excellent medium for promoting their brand and driving traffic to their website


Technology and Media a Mix That Hate Rules

Media and technology is a very powerful mix as it has the power to topple a government

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Don't Let Others' Opinions Hold You Back

There's an important distinction between opinions and criticisms.

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Here's Why Entrepreneurs Ought to Value Mainstream Media

Facts are important to finding your way in the world, even if they aren't as persuasive as we wish they were.

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Donald Trump Won the Election and Now America Needs to Navigate the Transition

In tumultuous times the most important consideration is what values absolutely must remain the same, such as the sanctity of our democracy.

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Sorry, But I'm Glad Vine Is Dead

Say 'hi' to Meerkat for me, you horrible platform.


Begging for a Return to Respectful Communications

Lay aside your differences and aspire for healthier discussions and communications. Everybody will be happier.

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Speak Your Mind, But Know Your Facts

Consider counterbalancing your freedom of speech with your right to remain silent. Both are precious.


Trump's Business-Friendly Economic Agenda

Trump's plans for tax and regulatory reform could benefit entrepreneurs, small business owners and corporations alike.