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Viral Meme Star Inks Deal With Popeyes Decades Later

Dieunerst Collin went viral after a man videotaped him on Vine delivering the perfect side eye.


What Popeyes' Viral Menu Strategy Can Teach You About Staying Relevant

Innovative new dishes has helped this chicken institution stay among the top five franchises in the world.

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People in the U.K. Are Lining Up at Dawn for a Fast Food Chain's Chicken

Since launching in England last year, chicken chain Popeyes is seeing record sales.

Franchise 500 Annual Ranking

Internet Culture and a Chick-Fil-A Feud Helped Popeyes Reach Unprecedented Cultural Relevance and Become a Top-5 Franchise

The chicken chain has undergone massive changes over the past two years, helping Popeyes reach the top five of our Franchise 500 ranking.

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Oh, Rats! Popeyes Forced to Shut Down After Viral Video of Rodent Infestation.

Former employee Ricardo Land exposed a disturbing kitchen scene in a Washington, D.C. location of the chicken chain.


¡Oh, ratas! Popeyes obligado a cerrar después de un video viral de infestación de roedores.

El ex empleado Ricardo Land expuso una inquietante escena de cocina en una ubicación de Washington, DC de la cadena de pollos.


Popeyes is Finally Adding Chicken Nuggets to Its Menu This Month

President of Popeyes, Sami Siddiqui, spoke to Entrepreneur about the launch of the long-awaited item.

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KFC's New Chicken Sandwich Is Giving Popeyes a Run for Its Money — and the Numbers Prove It

For the past two years, KFC and Popeyes have gone head-to-head in the chicken sandwich war.


El nuevo sándwich de pollo de KFC está haciendo que Popeyes corra por su dinero, y los números lo demuestran

Durante los últimos dos años, KFC y Popeyes se han enfrentado cara a cara en la guerra de los sándwiches de pollo.


How a Franchisee Super-Group Is Changing the Franchising Landscape

The multi-unit owners started an investment fund to help emerging brands, and the industry is excited by the idea.


4 Franchises That Pulled Off a Major Pivot

These companies revamped their models while staying true to their core values, gaining new generations of customers along the way.


The Man Who Owns (Almost) All the Burger Kings

Giullermo Perales, the country's biggest Latino franchisee, talks about why he likes to control the market.


Trading the Corporate World for Franchise Ownership

From the corporate world to franchise ownership -- how business owners make the transition.