Predictions 2016


What Markdowns And Lower Valuations Mean For The Indian Startup Space?

If there are a billion dollars being invested every year, we need to see billion dollars in exits as well.


Breakthroughs We'd Love to See in the Latest iPhone for Entrepreneurs

From instant charging to virtually unbreakable screens, why isn't Apple adopting these cool technologies yet?

Buying / Investing in Business

What VCs Want in 2016

From cybersecurity to robotics: 2016 investment predictions from top VCs

Science & Technology

Riding the Waves of Change in 2016

Four trends are taking over the business world. Are you riding them or at risk of a wipe out?


What's Next in Mobile Advertising? 6 Trends for the New Year.

Key industry executives weigh in on what trends will shape the mobile marketing landscape in 2016.

Growth Strategies

Funding forecast for startups in 2016

Expect a slowdown in the inflow of investments in 2016 until there are exits.

Growing a Business

8 Web Design Trends That Are Bound to Be Huge in 2016 (Infographic)

Design is poised to become more flat, responsive and card-based in the year ahead.


5 New Strategies for the New Year

Your marketing action checklist for 2016.


The Future of Franchises: What's Next, and What's Still Needed

It's nearly 2016. Are franchises driving change, or are they simply playing catch-up?

Growing a Business

It Takes a Lot More Than Enthusiasm to Make Those Lofty New Year's Resolutions Reality

Use these five tips to focus, and make 2016 truly your best year ever.


Entrepreneur's Franchise Forecast

Our list of the top 10 trending categories for 2016.

Starting a Business

This Company Helps Create Fundable Prototypes Fast

An L.A. accelerator focuses on hardware prototyping.