Breakthroughs We'd Love to See in the Latest iPhone for Entrepreneurs

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Whether you're a hardcore Apple fan like me or an Android user, or even an ancient Windows mobile OS user, its undeniable the marketing strategies employed by Apple are just about the best in the industry. The hype and the excitement for the launch of a new model is very evident from all the people lining outside for days to be the first user to get the new model, live tweets during the launch, leaks of designs and journalists doing everything in their power to track and get their hands on some information from the manufacturing plants. Expected to be launched in mid September 2016, Apple's upcoming iPhone 7 has finally begun production.

Confirmed leak sources usually include patents filed by Apple. However, as cell phone technology is constantly advancing forward, fans have already started speculating and wishing for some of the latest research technologies to be adopted in the new iPhone. iPhones undoubtedly make brilliant smart phones for CEOs and entrepreneurs. From smooth straight-to-the-point interface and powerful processing, iPhones offer much more seamless transitions compared to other phones.
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Here are some technologies we'd love to see adopted in the latest iPhone:

Split screen multitasking

Having one singular screen which multi tasks every feature on its homepage, dividing apps in the same screen rather than different screens that pop in and out from minimizing would be a prayer finally answered by Apple. Lots of mobile systems offer split screens which are effective for entrepreneurs and business oriented individuals to quickly process multiple tasks at once rather than minimizing one app and then working on the other.

Solar charging screen

Fully transparent solar charging panels were invented several years ago. Prototype cell phones include one by Alcatel, which charges from sunlight. The good thing about this is it required no ugly black solar panels in the back, and isn't disruptive to the design at all. The glass itself generates electricity, and charges seamlessly, you wouldn't even notice when your iPhone got charged.

Waterproofing technology

Hydrophobic sprays and nano-coatings are no longer magical technology, because they've been adopted by so many technology giants including Sony and LG. A hydrophobic spray to all components repels water, dust and vicious liquids from gaining contact with the electronics. It is transparent and at an atomic level – which means you cannot tell if your phone is waterproof or not. It'd be great to have an iPhone that's protected against occasional splashes.

Instant flash charging

Several new technologies have revealed a super charger that can charge your phone from 0-85% in a matter of minutes, while using the same lithium ion battery as is currently in your phone. Apparently, the technology also claims to prolong your battery health. Who needs to wait for revolutionary batteries when the current ones can be charged in a flash? The possibilities of shrinking the battery size down further to accommodate an even more sleek design is promising.

Sapphire unbreakable display

Ever noticed how your home button feels like it's made of something significantly stronger than the rest of the phone's surface? That's Sapphire, one of the hardest materials on the planet. Several aftermarket accessories are offering a screen guard made of the same, but it adds significant thickness to the screen. If apple can replace the top Gorilla glass with Sapphire, it can significantly cut down damaged screens.

Aerogel heat back plate

A fraction of a layer of Silica Aerogel, the world's most thermal insulating material, even in the form of thin spray, can permanently get rid of iPhone's infamous overheating problems. With processors exceeding their intended processing speeds, devices are bound to get heated more than they should. This is especially noticeable while charging or playing games. Aerogel spray could redirect the heat straight out of a dedicated pin sized vent, keep the back and side metal body completely cool.

Dual rear cameras

Instead of lying to the public via software updates and catchy filters that give the illusion of better photographs, Apple should read step-up its game with larger cameras and adopt a dual camera system. This revolutionary technology enables portable devices to have optical zoom instead of digital zoom, giving rise to infinite possibilities of photographs.

Wireless Charging

Nobody likes the annoying Lightening Cable which racks within a month of purchase. Wireless charging has become the standard norm for several mobile manufacturers, and it's about time Apple accepts this and adds it among its features to the latest iPhone.

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