Apple Likely to Showcase New iPhone Next Week

It's likely the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini will have two rear-camera lenses, which will be placed diagonally for the first time.

WhatsApp Will No Longer Work on These iOS and Android Smartphones in November. Is Yours on the List?

As of November 1, 2021, WhatsApp will stop working on 43 smartphone models, both Android and iOS. We tell you what you can do to avoid losing your account if your mobile appears on the list.

Game-Changing iPhone Features That Make Life With a Disability Easier

The accessibility mode may just be the greatest ally in maintaining your autonomy.

Nancy Solari

How to Start a Phone-Flipping Business

Selling used phones is becoming a more lucrative market. Here are some tips on how to succeed and grow with the trend.

She sent her iPhone in for repair, her intimate photos were leaked, and Apple had to pay her millions of dollars

Apple had to pay a millionaire sum to a student whose intimate photos were posted on Facebook by the technicians who repaired her iPhone.

Apple Just Unveiled its iOS 15 Software Update. Here are the Biggest Changes Coming to Your iPhone.

iOS 15 will feature redesigns and upgrades in FaceTime, Messages, Notifications, and more.

Kate Canales

Samsung Mocks Apple in Its New Smartphone Announcement, But It Backfires: Videos

To promote the new Galaxy S21 Ultra, Samsung once again turned to a trustworthy old tactic: poking fun at Apple. But the marketing has elicited ruthless criticism.

They filter photos of the possible appearance of the iPhone 13

The information has not been confirmed by Apple, but would you buy a model of this type?

Do you have an iPhone, iPad or Mac? Stop using Google Photos now, here are the reasons

Google Photos privacy labels allow you to access all user photos and collect large amounts of data for business purposes, but there is a way around this if you have Apple devices.