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What a Foldable iPhone Could Look Like

The phone isn't slated for the market until 2022.

Bill Gates Reveals Why He Prefers Android Over iPhone

Interestingly, Bill Gates' statements in favor of Android came during his first interview on Clubhouse, a social network available only on iPhone.

Here's Why Bill Gates Still Prefers Android Instead of iPhone

Gates revealed his Android preference in a recent interview conducted on voice-only app Clubhouse.

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Apple Regains the No. 1 Spot in Global Smartphone Sales After 5 Years

The Cupertino-based company defeated Samsung in the fourth quarter of 2020.

Apple is Facing a 60 Million Euro Lawsuit for Programmed Obsolescence in the iPhone 6

The class action lawsuit requires Apple to pay compensation to "defrauded" iPhone owners for a mandatory software update.

Why an Android Smartphone Devalues Twice as Much as an iPhone in One Year

An iPhone loses an average of 16.70% of its price a year after its arrival on the market, while an Android phone reduces its value by 33.62 percent.

WhatsApp will stop working with these iPhone and Android from January 1

Very soon the most popular messaging app will stop working on several smartphones, check what they are and take your precautions.

An iPhone With Steve Jobs' Clothes? Yes, It Exists and It Costs $6,500.

The Caviar Company, which is famous for its extravagant and expensive versions of various electronic devices, has released an iPhone 12 containing a piece of Steve Jobs' turtleneck.

This Is the List of iPhones That Could No Longer Be Updated With iOS 15

Due to their time in the market, there are three models that could no longer be updated with the new software.

Apple still lives off Steve Jobs technology: Founder of Telegram

The young Russian entrepreneur Pàvel Dúrov compared the iPhone 12 Pro to the iPhone 5 alluding to its same aesthetic, but different dimension with an "ugly variety of cameras that protrude at three different heights."

Hackers Violate iPhone 11 Pro With iOS 14 in 10 Seconds

In China, there are cyber-hacking contests to find the flaws of devices or applications.