Why are iPhones so Popular with Business Owners? You can't really grab eyeballs with an LG or a Blackberry any more. But why have iPhones replaced the idea of a "perfect" smartphone?

By Rustam Singh

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Have you ever scrolled through the photographs of the CEOs of businesses and successfully-funded startups and noticed them clutching an iPhone nine times out of ten? Even when Apple hardly needs endorsement or sponsorship from celebrities or businessmen, the iDevices remain a popular choice for a majority of successful individuals on its own goodness.

The trend seems to be that once a user is hooked to an iPhone, it makes him/her impossible to switch back to an Android or a Windows phone. Even with its heavily restricted firmware that prevents modification to the operating system, exuberantly high prices for the contract-free editions, hardware few notches below the industry standard, the shiny device is clearly an eye catcher.

Here are five reasons why the iPhone can actually be great for productivity your business, especially if you're in a position of power:

Thousands of Business productivity Apps to choose from

What use is your high processor and that large RAM chip in your Smartphone if you're only using it to play Angry Birds because your operating system doesn't have any liable productivity apps? Apple's App Store brags of hosting 1.5 million apps, which is ten times more than blackberry apps available. A dedicated section for business apps and frequent updates makes the App Store perfect for business needs.

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Ease of Use and Simplicity in Operating System

There's an old tale that people who want to spend their life debating, modifying and customizing their machines buy Windows. People who want to achieve results and do tasks for which they bought a computer in the first place, get a MAC. The same logic applies for an iPhone. Once you purchase an iPhone, you don't have to worry about technical programming knowledge or constantly troubleshooting. Updates are streamlined and universal for all iDevices, interface is simple and usage is smooth.

Will Almost Literally Never Hang

An iPhone carries an untold guarantee that it will never let you down embarrassingly between a presentation or making an important call when all eyes are on you. Nothing can be more humiliating if your employee/employer asks you a simple task of forwarding a contact or making a business call urgently and you're stuck restarting or staring at an unresponsive screen. This is courtesy of the brilliant Operating System that is tinkered to work with the low hardware specifications.

Multitasking is a Breeze

Ever noticed your Android friend complaining about how installing multiple apps or software tinkers on his/her Android has slowed down the device? That's something you'd never have to worry about with an iPhone. You can fill your iDevice to its maximum storage possible – and it would still work as good as new.

Everyone's on it – Exclusive Apple Features are Utilized

Even though BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) was originally only for BBM devices, and was for a long while a unique selling point for the devices, it has now gone multi-platform and lost its charm. Apple's exclusive features, however, remain exclusive, and if you don't own an iDevice you'll pretty much end up feeling out of the closed inner circle of communications. Whether it's free video calling inbuilt via FaceTime, encrypted inbuilt web multimedia texts via iMessage, Find Friends near you, an exclusive Games Store, Air Play or fingerprint encrypted payments and password utilizations for your websites (so you never have to remember another password again), iPhones take a steady lead in their popularity. Androids can be customized, modified and altered. But they may also hang, heat up, freeze, malfunction much sooner than you'd expect.

An iPhone on the other hand, just works.

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Apple is considered a luxury brand in its own right and was beyond the reach of masses a few years back. Now the scenario has changed with Apple changing its pricing model and making it more competitive, but the brand remains premium and is still considered a status symbol. Oprah infamously tweeted about how much she loved the Microsoft Surface and — yes, you guessed it again — had the tweet sent from the iPad!

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