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Starting a Business

This Founder is Making Gifting Green & Sustainable

People today are showing a great transition from just ordinary gifting to gifting with a meaning.

Growing a Business

Be Prepared for the Startup J-Curve

Don't abandon your plan the first time things don't go as expected.


Bringing The Best Music Listening Devices Under One Digital Roof

Conveying his thoughts about the business of Headphones Raghav Somani spoke to


7 Ideas About Business Innovation From . . . Would You Believe, the Performing Arts

By using a few tips of the trade from the arts, leaders can help bring their companies out from behind the curtain and into the spotlight.

Health & Wellness

Navigating the Challenges of the Consumer Health Universe

The industry has not yet achieved what it could be, but with the right focus, companies can blaze a new trail.

Growth Strategies

Redefining Technology With Innovation

How technology revolutionized these startups, perspective of an insider.

Growth Strategies

Why It's Imperative For Startups To Keep Up With Innovation

If you have nothing new to offer, it's very easy to get lost in the crowd.


You Need to Immediately Stop Believing These 5 Product Innovation Misconceptions

Don't launch your new product before you have a full grasp of how to monetize it.


How Startups Can Overtake Corporates in the Innovation Race

Startups have a secret weapon -- they are inherently innovative, they are agile and adaptive.


The Road From Product to Experience for Luxury Offerings

People prefer to spend their money on experiences over things and access over ownership.


Leading a Startup in Stage Four: Self-Sustainability

The travails of stage three have been surmounted; finally things are going well. Now it's time to disrupt your own company.

Growth Strategies

Why Being Bootstrapped Is Better In Early Stages Of A startup

Be it fundraising or bootstrapping the core idea will always be of innovating and developing the product that adds value to the consumer's life.


The little earphone wonder

Big things do come in small packages.

Data & Recovery

4 Reasons Why Leaders Should Emulate Military Intelligence Training When Dealing With Big Data

Here are four lessons product development teams can learn from the military.


4 Ways to Ensure Adoption for a New Product or Service

Remember back when you distrusted ATMs?