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Redefining Technology With Innovation How technology revolutionized these startups, perspective of an insider.

By Ritu Kochar

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The age we are living in today, one can no longer make the excuse that "I'm not good with computers'. Using technology is not a choice anymore, it has become mandatory. Technology has grown, and with it people have grown as well, and with that businesses.

The evolution of technology has not only brought new businesses in town, they have transformed the way old businesses are done. With digitization and the world shifting to the internet, there is no business today that hasn't benefited from technology.

To understand this, we have some founders from different sectors explaining how technology revolutionized their startups and this is what they have to say.

Taxi aggregators – Reaching out to a new segment of people

Baxi recently launched its app that runs without an internet connection. With this revolutionary innovation, the Baxi app is now the only taxi-booking app in the world, let alone bike-taxi booking industry, that functions without a data pack or internet connection.

Manu Rana, cofounder and CTO, Baxi says, "It's important that we use technology in a way that it reaches out to maximum people. At Baxi, we wanted to find a way to reach out to the segment of the population that has smartphones but no data connection. We wanted to ensure that lack of Internet connection is not the reason for customers to not be able to avail Baxi's services. Only 4 out of 10 smartphone users have internet connectivity and thus this app has increased our user base substantially!"

Fashion Industry - Structuring the un-structured retail market

"India is a Mobile first country and consumers have now embraced the internet and smart phones. With dramatic advances in high speed networks and GPS technologies, Fashalot with its state of the art technology platform is structuring the un-structured retail market. Fashalot has now the ability to lead the O2O (Online to Offline) fashion space and connect physical retail stores to the mobile smart phones of the consumers in real time. Building this bridge allows for consumers to now save time and money by knowing what's happening in their locality with a click of a button. This has facilitated for the first time in India, Consumers to interact with brands and not vice-versa." - Amit Sharma, Co-founder and CTO, Fashalot

Human Resources – Enabling workforce transformation using AI and data sciences

National Technology Day recognizes innovation in the STEM area and this year's theme - "Technology enablers of Startup India' is apt considering the startup boom in India. We are glad to be part of this exciting ecosystem. Our aim is to enable workforce transformation using advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and data science. We hope to lead the global market in HR Technology on the back of our techno-domain expertise – and show the world and sell to the world that Make in India is a great option." - Arjun Pratap, founder and CEO of EdGE Networks

Content Industry – Giving a platform with balance speed, freshness, relevance, revenue and content quality

"To be able to build a discovery platform, one has to balance speed, freshness, relevance, revenue and content quality. With robust and scalable backend technology, in only 8 months Renomania has been able to achieve that balance and our monthly user engagement has crossed 1 million. Other than the content we provide, user interface is very important. A user will never return if the website is slow or not user friendly. We have a repeat audience of 40% which reinforces the importance of technology." - Rahul Lodha, Co-founder and CTO at Renomania

Payment Gateways – Fulfilling the buying/selling requirements in a time-bound, cost-effective and reliable way

"We are working towards creating a B2B eco-system where customers can fulfill their buying/selling requirements in a time-bound, cost-effective and reliable way. To do this, we have leveraged technology to address the key business and customer pain points by bringing in price transparency, easy product accessibility/discovery and reducing the turnaround times.

Availability of multiple touch points (web / app) allows customers to transact and stay connected on the go. From telescopic pricing to allowing quick re-ordering of the same products and easy payment processes, Tolexo is going the extra mile to make the customer experience absolutely seamless." – Brijesh Agarwal, Founder, Tolexo

Robotics – Helping build smarter and more interactive robots

"With a technology like 3D printers becoming mainstream, prototyping of designs has become easier and the product manufacturing cycle has reduced considerably.

The latest hardware leaps in Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, and Wearables is also helping us build smarter and more interactive robots." - Jasmeet Singh, Founder, JMoon Technologies
Ritu Kochar

Former Staff, Entrepreneur India

Ritu used to work as a Feature writer for Entrepreneur India.

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