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Life Expectancy Is Decreasing Across the U.S., But These 3 Areas Are Well Below the National Average

A new report found that America is experiencing the greatest gap in life expectancy in nearly 40 years.

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7 Public Speaking Mistakes to Avoid to Sound More Confident

If public speaking makes you want to run and hide, you are not alone. Follow these strategies for more public speaking confidence.

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How to Get More of What You Want

Here are some ways to overcome self-doubt and get what's coming to you.


A Solution to the Diminishing Quality of Education

The quality of education provided to children in India is on a downward spiral, according to the Annual Status of Education Report 2016 (ASER)


How Smart Solutions can Help ASEAN Cities Improve Quality of Life?

Intelligent traffic lights and emergency response applications could save around 5,000 lives lost each year in accidents

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4 Obvious Pros and 4 Disconcerting Cons for Whatever City Wins Amazon's HQ2

Along with everything good cities want. A multibillion-dollar investment and thousands of new jobs will raise housing costs, tighten labor markets and clog streets.

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4 Must-Have Personal Characteristics to Succeed in Business and Health

Focus on developing these principal foundations to help you remain committed to your entrepreneurial goals.

Growth Strategies

Qualities Of A Successful Entrepreneur

Here is sneak peak here into what helps these eight remarkable companies succeed so consistently.

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5 Ways to Stop Being Busy and Start Being Effective

If you suffer from Too Busy Syndrome, read this.

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How Unemployment Impacts Your Personality

It partially depends on your gender.