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Data is the Silver Bullet for Your Business in a Slow Economy

Economic uncertainty can create gaps in your business strategy. Here's why data must be part of the solution

Starting a Business

The Coming Recession Won't Derail These 4 Startup Sectors

Although many entrepreneurs shy away from launching new ventures during recessions, they don't necessarily have to. All they need to do is to target specific markets that thrive during downturns — and they just may benefit from the otherwise adverse economic conditions.

Growing a Business

The 'Lipstick Effect' Exposes a Surprising Truth About Our Priorities in a Recession. Here's How Businesses Can Cash In.

Brinn Garner, chief revenue officer of Orveon, talks the 'lipstick effect' and what companies need to know about selling amid inflation and recession.

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'We're Going To Have One Whopper Of A Recession In 2023': State of U.S. Economy Remains Uncertain

According to Steve Hanke, professor of applied economics at Johns Hopkins University, the U.S. is likely to experience a recession next year.

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'Shrinkflation' Is Skyrocketing, and Complaining About It Can Help (Seriously)

According to a recent survey, 64% of consumers are worried about inflation -- and they're not putting up with it.

Money & Finance

3 Tips for Small Businesses to Survive and Thrive During a Recession

Times are tough, but the right moves can put you ahead in the coming months and years.

Growing a Business

5 Ways Your Business Can Get Ahead of an Economic Slowdown

Here are five things business owners can do now to help set themselves up for success during and after a recession or economic slowdown.

Money & Finance

You Must Understand This Crucial Retirement Benefit If You Want Your Money to Withstand Inflation — Whether You're 25 or 75

Panicking won't help you retire, but being savvy about what you're entitled to will.

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72% of Economists Predict a Recession Next Year — If We're Not Already in One

There's "less clarity than usual about the outlook," according to the National Association of Business Economics.

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Here are the Multiple Stages of a Bear Market

The dreaded bear market is technically defined as a period of (-20%) or more declines from its highs lasting at least 60 days.

Growing a Business

Worried About a Recession? Do This to Prepare Your Company.

As the economy shifts, ask yourself these four questions.

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Don't Let a Recession Ruin You. Here's How Your Business Can Thrive During Hard Times

Follow these strategies to grow your business during an economic downturn.

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Homebuilder Confidence Drops For 8th Consecutive Month, U.S. in 'Housing Recession'

The National Association of Home Builders/Wells Fargo Housing Market Index (HMI) dropped six points in August.

Thought Leaders

3 Strategies To Protect Your Business From Inflation

Inflation is back with a vengeance. Use these three strategies to protect yourself and stay afloat in inflationary times.


How to Turn Inflation and Recession into Your Largest Business Opportunity

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