Should You Hire a Tom Brady or a J.J. Watt? How to Choose the Right Players for Your Culture and Team

Business culture is top of mind for many employees and executives alike. Figuring out the type of culture you want to create can help your team perform at its best.


4 Strategies for Businesses to Attract and Retain Software Developers

In the midst of the Great Resignation and the largest labor shortage the U.S. has ever seen, it's imperative for tech leaders to reconsider their recruitment and retention strategies for developers and technical staff.

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Companies Need To Be Better at Hiring, Not Firing. 7 Tips To Pick And Retain The Best Talent During Uncertain Economic Times.

Between the so-called Great Resignation and the looming recession, we'll likely see a widespread exodus of talent. Business leaders can mitigate this risk by following these seven tips for hiring and retaining the best talent.


Best Recruiting Platforms for Recent College Graduates

Promote entry-level job openings to college students on these top hiring sites.

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The Pros and Cons of a 4-Day Workweek

You might be surprised by your team's ability to do more in less time when they have flexibility.

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Offering This Key Benefit Could Be The Answer To Finding and Retaining Workers

And it doesn't cost as much as you think.

News and Trends Raises INR 4.7 Crore In Pre-Seed Funding

Coffeee aims to be the marketplace with the largest pool of pre-screened developers in India aspiring to get entry-level jobs, where merit and talent take center stage

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6 Big Recruitment Challenges and Solutions You Need to Be on Your Radar

This is the year of the hybrid workforce as many companies encourage their teams to return to the office. However, HR teams face new challenges in hiring the right candidates to fit the new reality.

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6 Tell-Tale Signs You've Stumbled Upon a Great Job Candidate

The hiring process can be tough, yet it's so incredibly important. Here's how to know you've found a great addition to the team.

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What Does a Mature Creative Professional Look Like?

The future of visibility in saturated world markets will be secured by creative professionals. How do you find them?

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Taking an Employee-First Approach to Hiring in Today's Remote-First Climate

These five tips will help your company succeed in hiring excellent employees while using an employee-first mindset.

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Visual-Based Assessment Platform PMaps Secures INR 5 Crore

The platform plans to allocate the acquired capital towards go-to-market strategies including optimizing outbound reach, harnessing social media channels and forging ties with HR ecosystem players


5 Lessons on Smart Hiring

Since these lessons center around students' voices, I believe they can serve as a guidepost for many companies during their upcoming recruiting season.

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Recruitment Is Changing and Companies Are Wasting Resources Without Realizing It

Walmart, Flipkart, Juspay, Amazon and Intellect are a few names that have very well adapted to the changing recruitment landscape and saved time and resources.


4 Ways to Strengthen Recruitment, Retention and Engagement in the Wake of the Great Resignation

A massive shift in the U.S. labor market has left organizations grappling to recruit and retain qualified staff; here's what you need to know.