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FCC Adopts Tough Net Neutrality Rule in Historic Regulatory Shift

A raucous debate that has unfolded over the past year has concluded with what appears to be permanent protection of the Internet as open platform for entrepreneurs and free speech.

Peter Page

Greater National Competitiveness Doesn't Lead to More Entrepreneurship

Nations that are more competitive have less of their adult-age population in the process of starting or running new businesses.

Scott Shane

Net Neutrality a Big Step Nearer as Congress Republicans Concede Fight

No chance of overturning FCC ruling likely through new legislation due to lack of bipartisan support.

Geoffrey Smith

FTC Fines Two Health Apps That 'Lack Adequate Evidence to Support Their Claims'

Both apps said they could diagnose melanoma via simple smartphone snapshots.

Laura Entis

Industry Lobbyists Take Aim at Proposed FAA Drone Rules

Businesses hoping to capitalize on the commercial potential of drones are preparing to push back against proposed regulations that would strictly limit how the aircraft can be used.


On U.S. Net Neutrality Rules, 11th-Hour Push Against Vague Rule

One aspect of the rules is drawing criticism from both opponents and proponents of tighter regulation.


FDA Grants 23andMe Approval to Sell Test for Rare Genetic Condition

It's a small but definite step towards 23andMe's goal of selling DNA kits again.

Laura Entis

NoFlyZone Wants to Help Keep Drones From Flying Over Your Home

With the president, the FAA and state legislatures weighing in on commercial drone use, NoFlyZone CEO Ben Marcus wants to open up the conversation and give individuals the power to put the unmanned vehicles on a path that doesn't include their private property.

Nina Zipkin

FAA Plans Ground Amazon's Drone Program

Guidelines could prevent the company from launching Prime Air service in the U.S.

Chris Morris

Draft Rules on Commercial Drones Keep Some Limits on Use

The U.S. aviation regulator proposed rules for commercial drone flights that would lift some restrictions but would still bar other activities.


The Quirky State Laws That Salespeople Must Know About

Little-known regulations, such as the fact that Tuesday is Mardi Gras Day in Louisiana, can get telemarketers in big trouble.

Jeffrey Fotta

3 Things Small-Business Owners Need to Realize to Make Smart Hires

Small teams have no margin for error when a new hire doesn't work out but doing your homework will get you the stars you need to thrive.

Leslie Barber