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You Can't Send AI To Jail — So Use it to Fight Crime. Here's How AI Is Taking Banking Compliance To the Next Level

The intersection of innovation and regulation has never been more critical. Amid this wave of innovation, the need for robust regulatory compliance remains paramount.

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Goldman Sachs Slashed Thousands of Jobs This Year. Now It's Hiring Hundreds of New Roles After Scrutiny From Regulators.

The bank and financial services company needs to appease regulators or face consequences.

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The 5-Step Guide to Navigating Legal and Regulatory Changes in Business

In a time with an ever-changing landscape of regulations, staying ahead of legal and regulatory changes is critical to safeguarding your business's success. Navigating legal and regulatory changes can be challenging, but it's fundamental for entrepreneurs to ensure that their businesses are compliant.

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The Dubai Fintech Summit Running From May 8-9, 2023 Aims To Set A Global Benchmark For How We Approach Financial Innovation

The DFS is expected to be hosting 5,000 c-suite leaders, over 120 speakers, and more than 1000 pre-qualified investors in Dubai.

Science & Technology

Rein in the AI Revolution Through the Power of Legal Liability

As AI-powered chatbots like ChatGPT become increasingly integrated into our daily lives, it is high time we address potential legal and ethical implications.


Innovation: How Banks and Businesses Can Fight Fraud and Chargebacks Should Regulation Fail

With the CFPB's future in the hands of the Supreme Court, Chargebacks911 Founder Monica Eaton says more collaboration between banks and businesses is needed to protect themselves and consumers should a decades worth of regulation be undone.

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Government Proposes Self-Regulation For Online Gaming Companies

MoS Rajeev Chandrasekhar said that online gaming companies will not be allowed to engage in betting on the outcome of games under the principle laid in draft rules


Your Business Might Be Violating Federal Regulations Unknowingly — Which Can Cost You Serious Money. Here's How to Avoid It.

Regulations are meant to protect consumers from harmful business practices and set guidelines for what is right and wrong — but they can also pose a threat to businesses thanks to rising costs and changing complexity.

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Centre Is Working On A Bill To Regulate Digital Media, Says Anurag Thakur

The minister added that, there used to be one-way communication of news earlier, but with the development of electronic and digital media, communication of news has become multi-dimensional

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Regulation Or Ban Of Cryptocurrencies Require Global Collaboration, Says Nirmala Sitharaman

The finance minister said that any legislation for regulation or for banning can be effective only after significant international collaboration on evaluation of the risks and benefits and evolution of common taxonomy and standards

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The EU's New Agreement on Cryptocurrency Regulation May Pave the Way for a New Era of Open Banking

It comes at a time when fintechs are striving to incorporate more crypto solutions into their open banking setups.

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RBI To Regulate Digital Lending Platforms, Says Shaktikanta Das

The RBI governor suggests that the customers of unregistered digital lending platforms should approach local police in case of any issue

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If Your Business Relies Heavily on Facebook, You'll Want to Keep an Eye on This

Meta threatened to pull out of Europe over possible regulations.

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Should Businesses Be Punished for Their Social Stances? That's for Consumers to Decide, Not Government.

As a conservative, I am opposed to many of my party's recent efforts to target businesses for their actions on social issues. Consumers should have the sole power to reward or punish businesses for their stances.

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How to Navigate Data Privacy Regulations When Deploying Enterprise Blockchain Solutions

Four best practices for prioritizing privacy regulations so that blockchain or any other digital transformation initiatives can succeed