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A 2,400 Year-Old Flush Toilet Was Found in China. It Could Be Oldest in The World.

The discovery was found at the Yueyang archaeological site in Xi'an, Shaanxi province in China.

Thought Leaders

How User Research Can Help You Win Before You Launch New Products and Services

Most new products fail, but yours doesn't have to. Deep user research is the antidote to product failure.

Science & Technology

How Web Scraping Brings Freedom to Research

Data acquisition is the most financial constraining and time-intensive process of research. Web scraping can solve both issues.


Game, Set, Match: The Art of Negotiating

From managing desperation to understanding your opposition, here are the secrets to winning every negotiation you face.

Growing a Business

Want to See the Future? Six Founders Share Their Secrets for Making Savvy Business Predictions

Entrepreneurs need to know what's coming, or at least make their best guess. Here, six founders explain how they work their crystal ball.

Thought Leaders

The 5 Steps to Selling a Website or Blog

There are many reasons why you might want to sell your blog or website. Maybe you're tired of having to manage an eCommerce site or find it challenging to come up with engaging content for your blog every week.


4 Do's and 5 Don'ts When Exploring Franchise Concepts

Be a professional, not a rookie.


4 Truths About Searching for Franchise Concepts

The process is no time for snap judgments.


The Ultimate Guide to Competitive Research for Small Businesses

Are you interested in competitive research? Click here for the ultimate guide to competitive analysis for small businesses that you're sure to love.

Growing a Business

How Fortune 500 Brands Leverage a Special Type of Research to Drive Innovation

No need to reach out to customers when you know what they want.

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Challenges In Symptom Recognition & Diagnosis Can Impact Outcome In Patients: Abbott

The research is designed to examine the vascular patient experience from the perspectives of patients, physicians and healthcare leaders

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The Right (and Wrong) Way to Be Influenced by Data

Great data analysis might just give you a leg up when it comes to pitching your ideas.

Business News

Be. Do. Go.

Dreams are built of firmer things than feelings and passing passion.

Growing a Business

One Thing You Should Never Skip When Planning Your Course or Training Program

Why the decision of conducting user research and learning needs assessments can make or break your program.

Growing a Business

How to Grow Your Business When Customer Behaviors Change

When customers seem unpredictable, these strategies will help you use their behaviors to your advantage.