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Oh Great, AI Can Detect Sarcasm Now

Researchers built an AI sarcasm detector that decodes the emotions behind an audio recording and transcribes it into text with corresponding emojis.

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These 4 Words Make It Obvious You Used AI to Write a Paper, According to New Research

Scientists are increasingly using ChatGPT and other AI bots to write studies.

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9 Research Tips Every Nonfiction Author Needs to Know

Thorough research is crucial to writing authoritative nonfiction books. By investing substantial time in comprehensive research using credible sources, authors can back up their perspectives and narratives persuasively.


Study Shows People Who Sleep Late May Die Earlier

Night owls who wake up late have a 9% higher chance of dying sooner than early birds.

Health & Wellness

Petting Another Person's Dog for 10 Minutes Can Reduce Stress

The science behind why interacting with even other people's pups can boost your physical and mental health.

News and Trends

Unveiling The Next Frontier Of The Internet: An Introduction To The World Of Web3

Picture Web3 as the great, new frontier in the internet landscape, where pioneers tap into their quest for freedom and autonomy, empowered by cutting-edge technology, and some serious coding chops. Welcome to the next digital revolution!

Growing a Business

Starting a New Venture? Don't Make These Research Mistakes.

If you're thinking about launching a novel product or starting a business, you first need to test your assumptions. While traditional product research usually falls short of providing actionable insights in the discovery phase, there are easy ways to tweak it to get the data you need.


5 Key Questions to Ask Your Audience When Conducting Market Research

Ask your customers these five important questions to conduct effective market research and get a better understanding of your audience.

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How Qualitative Research Can Boost Your Brand in Today's Digital Landscape

Discover how your brand can benefit from the digital transformation of qualitative research.

Science & Technology

AI Has Taken Over Qualitative Market Research. Here's What That Means for Your Business.

Discover how AI is transforming qualitative research — increasing efficiency and accuracy and driving faster insights.

Growing a Business

Adapting to Recession: How Tech-Based Market Research Can Help Entrepreneurs Stay Ahead

Utilizing data-driven insights to identify opportunities and pivot strategies for business success

Science & Technology

Could ChatGPT Pose a Threat to Google's Dominance in Search?

With further innovations, ChatGPT could be major competition to the decades of monopoly Google has been enjoying over search engines.

Growing a Business

Revolutionize Your Market Research: How to Use Real-Time Feedback with This Focus Group Style

Focus groups are an excellent means of data collection for business analysis. Here's a guide on how to level them up and get quicker results.

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Doodle Your Way to a Breakthrough? The Founder of This AI Company Illustrates Her Process.

Sometimes putting pen to paper is key to cracking the code.


The Key to Understanding a Company's FDD

Thinking of investing? Check out these three critical sections of the franchise disclosure document first.