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Lululemon Stock Surges After Strong Q1 Earnings Report, With Massive Earnings Overseas

The athleisure brand reported net revenue growth of 24% in the first quarter of 2023.


This Location-Based Marketing Technique Is the Key to Boosting Retail Sales

Let's take an in-depth look at geofencing marketing and how it's helping retail locations drive foot traffic and boost sales.

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'We Really Changed the Brand': Abercrombie & Fitch's Stock (and Reputation) Is Surging

The retailer's surprising Q1 profit has the stock surging over 30%.

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An Iconic New York City Department Store That's Famous for Designer Discounts Is Reopening in May

Century 21 is reopening in Manhattan's Financial District later this month.

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Bed Bath & Beyond Files For Bankruptcy: 'Thank You to All of Our Loyal Customers'

The company's stores and website will remain open for the time being.

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Walmart Offloads Clothing Retailer at a Staggering $235 Million Loss

WHP Global and popular retailer Express will acquire Bonobos in a joint deal that was announced on Thursday.

Growing a Business

Shopify Is Bringing in the Retail Giants. Here's What You Can Learn From the Company's Latest Move.

Shopify's new capabilities mean the landscape of retail is set to change — and other businesses could learn a few things from the company.

Growing a Business

If You Give People This 'Discovery' — They'll Buy From You Instead of Amazon

Creating a unique retail experience doesn't have to be a big flashy production. We're all just looking for a story that makes us feel good about ourselves.

Growing a Business

4 Pro Tips to Run a Successful Retail Business in 2023

These four tips will equip brands to run successful ecommerce businesses and remain competitive in an evolving retail landscape.

Growing a Business

5 Predictions All Retailers Need to Prepare for in 2023

Looking ahead to 2023, retailers are faced with market volatility. Finding ways to appeal to customers' needs is critical to stay ahead of the game. Here are some predictions for the coming year and some strategies to help.


A Practical Guide to Navigating Economic Uncertainty in the Retail Industry

During periods of economic uncertainty, it's essential to have a solid foundation on which to run your business. Now is a good time to return to the basics and get your retail ducks in a row.

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Bed, Bath, and Goodbye: Home Goods Company Says It Could Go Bankrupt. And Inventory Is Low.

The popular retail chain is staring down financial failure.

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Bed Bath & Beyond Stock Crumbles 24% On Possible Bankruptcy News

On Thursday, the already battered Bed Bath & Beyond said bankruptcy and further store closures were among alternatives for digging out of its current troubles.

Business Models

Marketplaces Are Taking Over Ecommerce. Here's What Retailers Can Gain by Joining the Movement Now.

It's not too late to transition to the marketplace model. In fact, it's even more advantageous during moments of economic uncertainty. Here's why.

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REI Is Forgoing This Retail Tradition Permanently: What Does it Mean for Shoppers and Employees?

The retailer is saying "so long" to Black Friday as part of its "Opt Outside" movement.