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Why Spending on Big Data Isn't a Waste (Infographic)

Companies that harness big data for their marketing efforts show increases in both productivity and profit.

Brian Patrick Eha

· 2 min read

Zombie VC Firms Can Be an Entrepreneur's Nightmare

Entrepreneurs, beware: When a VC firm shuts down, the obligation to deliver a return on the investment rarely goes away.

Sam Hogg

· 3 min read

The 3 Dashboards You Must Have for Your Business Now

It's important to have hard figures on how your business is doing at your finger tips. Keeping track of these numbers doesn't have to take time. Here are three dashboards that will do the work for you.

Dave Lavinsky

· 3 min read

Marketing ROI: Budgeting Your Money Wisely

Calculating the return on investment for your marketing can sometimes seem impossible. Yet it's necessary to make sure you're budgeting wisely. Here's how to translate your efforts into numbers.

Tim Berry

· 4 min read

How Much Did That New Customer Cost You?

Determine your marketing plan's effectiveness by analyzing how much you're spending to gain just one client.

Lon Safko

· 5 min read

Why Tony Hsieh Wants to Rehabilitate Sin City

The founder is hoping his bet on Las Vegas will be a win, win for his company and the community.

Shira Lazar

10 Business Investments to Make Now

Business owners reveal the expenditures that paid off -- big-time.

Gwen Moran

· 6 min read

Franchising ROI: What's Reasonable?

How to determine whether a franchise investment makes financial sense

Jeff Elgin

· 6 min read