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FMCG: Why Rural Pockets Are Experiencing Sluggish Growth

The last five to six quarters have been the longest period of rural slowdown in the last decade

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Union Budget 2023: Rural Jobs Scheme Witness Cut In Allocations

The allocation for the rural job scheme for the next financial year is reportedly 17.80% lesser than the budgetary estimates of INR 73,000 crore for 2022-23

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Jai Kisan Raises $50 Million In Series B Funding

The fund raised will be used to expand the product suite, enhance the customer journey, accelerate the phenomenal growth of existing products, strengthen talent and boost data science and engineering capabilities

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Hesa Raises $2.3 Million In Pre-Series A Funding

The fund raised will be used for the expansion to newer geographies, strengthening the technology and to increase the offerings

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Dabur: Building Bharat First Brands

Dabur's Mohit Malhotra says the company has been ahead of the curve to keep urban as well as rural demand intact

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Creating Sustainable Livelihoods for Rural Artisans

The idea behind Lal10 is to use the vast untapped potential across rural communities and organize it with technology and innovative business models while also empowering rural artisans to become micro-entrepreneurs

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From Painfully Slow to Lightning Fast: SpaceX's Starlink Makes Rural Internet Usable

Rural Americans have long dealt with slow internet. But in interviews, SpaceX Starlink beta testers in Montana, Idaho, and elsewhere report speedy service that has transformed the way they use the web.

Growing a Business

From Indian Country Comes Word: 'Native Business' Wants to Empower Native Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship means much more there than casinos and tribal gift shops. Just ask Gary and Carmen Davis.


Consumer Giants Are Cutting Down Workforce & Commodity Prices, Is Economic Slowdown the Reason?

After Parle's unemployment scare, HUL slashes prices of select product portfolios

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4 Changes That MSME's 'Khadi' Vision Can Bring

MSME minister Nitin Gadkari encouraged small entrepreneurs to uplift Khadi manufacturing in India

Growth Strategies

Successful Implementation of E-Pharmacy in Rural India

E-Pharmacy improves purchaser's comfort and access, this will above all advantage endless old-age patients living in family units, and patients who are not in a condition to go out to discover a drug store

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Rediscovering Better Educated India by Uplifting Rural Education

When we set to think about the growth of the nation, we take various factors into consideration, education is one of them.

Growth Strategies

Moving from Metros to Villages: Why Small E-Commerce Players are Doing Better in the Rural Sector

The giants of E-Commerce are yet to capitalize on this market, thus clearing the grounds for small to mid-level companies

Growth Strategies

Rural E-Commerce – The Emerging Giant

The rural population contributes $359 billion amounting to about 57per cent of the entirety of the retail market

Growth Strategies

The One Area Startups Should Look At for Growth

There's a huge room to build products in the rural regions, says Winny Patro, CEO of Andhra Pradesh Innovation Society