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How Entrepreneurs Can Make Money Writing a Book

Publishing a book in your niche featuring your business is an easy decision.

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Top 3 Ways to Publish a Book — and the Pros and Cons of Each

What's the best path to getting your book published? Here's what entrepreneurs should know.


The 9 Dos and Don'ts of Book Signing Events

Book signing events are a great way to promote an author's work, engage with readers and gain new fans — but they can also be intimidating if you're not prepared.


Want Your Self-Published Book in Bookstores? Here are 3 Major Tips On How to Make It Happen.

As a publisher for over eight years, here are some of my best tips for how to self-publish a book in a way that will increase your chances of seeing it in bookstores.


After Early Rejection From Publishers, This Author Self-Published Her Book and Sold More Than 500,000 Copies. Here's How She Did It.

Author Karen Inglis breaks down the strategies and tactics you need to generate awareness and sales for your self-published book.


Top 7 Questions About Publishing a Book That Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know

Here are the top seven questions and answers entrepreneurs need to know about writing and publishing a book.

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Should You Self-Publish Your Book?

The advantages of self-publishing versus chasing down a traditional publishing contract are numerous.


How to Get Media Attention for Your Book

Don't believe the lie that you need a traditional publisher to get mainstream media attention. You just have to master the art of pitching yourself with these three tips.

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How to Write and Get Your Book Published

Here's how to take your idea from the land of dreams to bookstores.


Writing a Book to Grow Your Thought Leadership? Here's What You Shouldn't Waste Your Time Worrying About.

When it comes to launching their first book, many entrepreneurs sweat the small stuff while ignoring what really matters.

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How to Build a Self-Publishing Side Hustle on Amazon

Learn how self-publishing can amplify your brand.


5 Common Myths That Surround Self-Publishing

The opportunity and means are available if you have the passion. It's just a matter of knowing how to make the most of this alternative path to publication.

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Bypass the Pitch: 6 Rock-Solid Reasons to Self-Publish Your First Book

Working with publishers can be a nightmare. Know all your options.

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The Step-By-Step Process to Using Ghostwriting as a Shortcut to Publish Your Book

Ghostwriting is one of the most overlooked secret weapons in writing.

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This Is the Future of Book Publishing

Self-publishing emerged as a way for more authors to publish their books without endlessly querying the Big 5 publishers. Indie publishers operate as a middle ground for aspiring authors.