Selling a Business

4 Ways to Stay on After Selling Your Business

You don't need to immediately leave after selling your company -- instead, you can transition out more gradually and gracefully.

Nick McLean

The Strategies I Used to Sell Two Business by the Time I was 45

Exit strategies are great, especially when they're for the right reasons. 

Steve Ball

6 Things to Ask Yourself Before Selling a Startup

Key points of reflection that will help determine if this is the right time to cash in on your business brainchild.

Jacob Dalton

How These Female Leaders Built a Multi-Million-Dollar Company That Actually Balances Success and Family. (It Is Possible!)

FounderMade's Meghan Asha and Lauren Everhart break down the company's acquisition by the Tarsus Group, and how they created a culture that puts a premium on work-life balance.

Dan Bova

How to Craft the Ideal Exit of Your Business

A challenging watershed moment helped this founder and CEO pave the way for his tech firm's successful acquisition. Will the steps he took also work for your company?

Allan Matheson

Trying to Sell Your Business? Skipping This One Step Will Leave a Fortune on the Table

Add-backs are critical for maximizing your valuation. They're also often misunderstood.

Joe Valley

Selling a Business: Why I Stopped Listening to What Other People Believe

Even well-intentioned advice can be the very thing that holds us back from achieving what seems impossible.

10 Ways to Negotiate a Higher Purchase Price for Your SaaS Startup

To avoid walking away with less cash, you must develop counter-tactics to preserve or increase your purchase price. Here are 10 negotiation strategies that might help. 

Andrew Gazdecki

Why a Proper Sales Infrastructure Is Crucial to Selling Your Business

Business leaders can't afford to overlook sales during exit planning. Here's how to prep your sales team for the business's sale.

Mark Thacker

Want to Sell Your Amazon FBA Business? Here Are 5 Lessons From Someone Who's Overseen $100 Million in FBA Acquisitions

Set yourself up for an exit by making decisions that will make your Amazon FBA business more sellable in the future.

Thomas Smale

Sell Your Company For a Higher Price By Telling a Better Story

Helping your business's new owners find lasting success often starts with refining the way you tell its story.

Corey Blake

How to Value Your Agency

Learn to properly value your digital agency while avoiding the biggest mistakes agency owners make.

Marcus Cook