Setting Goals

Don't Cling Too Tightly to Your Goals. The Greatest Opportunities Are Often Unexpected.

A goal can light our path forward, and that's useful for a while. But a goal is not a map. It cannot define your whole journey.

Jason Feifer

How to Create a Manifesto That Will Help You Achieve Your Goals in 2022 and Beyond

Once you've discovered your "why" and honed in on your passion, the real work can begin.

Krista Mashore

How to Set Goals That Support Each Department and Your Entire Organization

Goals should drive every part of your organization, but each part may have distinct goals.

This Is Why You Should Start Setting 'Unrealistic' Goals

Stop worrying about what other people think and start setting massive goals to get where you want to go.

Nick Gilmour

These 6 Small Steps Will Help You Achieve Your Biggest Goals

If it seems like you can't reach your goals no matter what you do, having a plan can help you get back on track.

Kelly Hyman

Why Having a Dream is Killing Your Progress

We often speak about the importance of having a dream.

Daniel Mangena

6 Ways to Set Goals in an Unpredictable 2021

We asked founders how they're setting goals for the year ahead and plotting untraveled roads to success.

4 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Be Relentless Like Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan's success offers valuable lessons about entrepreneurship.

Why Personal Goals and Hobbies Are Essential For A Fulfilling Career

They give you perspective and make you better at your job.

John Monarch

5 Reasons Mission Statements (Still) Matter for Startups

Every new business stands to benefit from clearly stated goals and ethos.

Aimee Tariq

How to Stay Accountable With Your Goals

Start holding yourself accountable with these methods.

Andrea Hardalo